Private Section

Your Personal Sanctuary in the Stars

Discover the tranquility and privacy of the private section aboard the homeship, a dedicated space designed to cater to your personal needs and well-being. This secluded area is your sanctuary, where you can escape from the bustling activities of the ship and find a moment of peace.

Within this intimate space, tailor your environment to suit your mood and activities. Whether you’re engaging in meditation, reading, or simply reflecting on your journey, the private section provides a calm, supportive setting equipped with customizable ambient controls for lighting, sound, and temperature.

The private section also serves as a personal management hub, where you can organize your thoughts, plan your personal goals, and track your progress in both the game and real life. Integrated tools and interfaces allow for seamless management of your daily tasks, health metrics, and personal projects, ensuring that you stay on top of your game while nurturing your personal growth.

Embrace the opportunity to personalize your space with decor and items that reflect your style and aspirations. Here, you can truly express yourself and create a retreat that feels like home, miles away from Earth, yet intimately yours.


Your Command Center for Life and Play

Step into your bedroom aboard the homeship—a personal command center where your journey to self-sustainability begins. From this cozy, customizable hub, you can seamlessly transition between managing your in-game activities and monitoring aspects of your real-life homestead.

Equipped with tools and interfaces designed to reflect and enhance your real-world efficiency, your bedroom not only serves as a starting point for in-game adventures but also as a central station for planning and maintaining your real-life sustainability goals. Future enhancements will focus on integrating real-world homestead management tools directly into the game environment, offering an unparalleled blend of gaming and practical life management.


Your Personal Styling and Management Hub

Explore the multifunctional potential of your personal closet aboard the homeship. This space is more than just a place to store your attire; it’s a central hub for managing your character’s appearance and real-world clothing inventory. Customize your in-game character’s look, selecting outfits that reflect your style and might even influence your interactions and abilities within the game.

Your closet also integrates advanced tracking features that sync with your real-life wardrobe. Manage your physical clothing items through an intuitive interface where you can categorize, mark items for donation, recycling, or resale, and streamline your real and virtual space. This functionality encourages sustainable living practices by promoting efficient management of resources.

While the closet provides personal outfitting options, for a wider selection of new clothing and accessories, your character can visit the in-game shopping mall. This space not only enhances social interactions among players but also connects you with real-world retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Lunafide, seamlessly blending in-game commerce with actual shopping experiences.

Computer, Gaming, and Work Room

Your Digital Universe Hub

Step into the computer, gaming, and work room aboard the homeship, where the boundaries between work, play, and collaboration dissolve. This multifunctional space is designed to cater to your professional needs with virtual meeting capabilities that emulate real-world office environments, complete with tools for video conferencing like Zoom.

Dive into a world of entertainment where you can access a diverse library of games from various developers, creating a virtual gaming oasis that promises endless hours of fun and discovery.

The room is also your creative studio and productivity suite, equipped with digital tools that support content creation, game development, and any digital task you can imagine. Integrate your in-game activities with real-world applications, managing your digital life seamlessly from within “Project Universe.”


Your Culinary and Sustainability Workshop

The kitchen aboard the homeship is more than just a place to prepare meals—it’s a vibrant hub of activity where culinary arts meet sustainability. Engage in interactive cooking experiences, where you learn and master recipes that can translate into real-world cooking skills. Each dish you prepare is a lesson in resource management, teaching you how to make the most of your ingredients while reducing waste.

This space is also a social and cultural center, inviting players to connect over shared meals, exchange recipes, and celebrate diverse culinary traditions. Through cooking, players can forge community ties and explore new cultural dimensions.

Beyond the game, the kitchen serves as a gateway to a healthier lifestyle, with links to real-world cooking resources, nutritional guidance, and wellness education. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned chef, the kitchen in “Project Universe” equips you with knowledge and skills that extend into your real-life culinary adventures.

Living Room/Common Room

The Heart of Your Homeship Community

Step into the living room or common room, a vibrant and welcoming space designed to foster community and relaxation aboard the homeship. This room is the social hub where players come together to share stories, celebrate achievements, and create lasting bonds. Equipped with a variety of entertainment options, from a state-of-the-art media center to interactive games, it offers countless ways to unwind and have fun.

The living room is also a cultural and educational epicenter, hosting an array of events such as virtual workshops, cultural celebrations, and educational talks that enrich your understanding of the universe and its myriad cultures. Here, learning and leisure intertwine, providing a rich tapestry of experiences.

Customization is at your fingertips, allowing you to shape the space to reflect your personal style or the collective aesthetic of your community. Whether it’s arranging the furniture, selecting the art, or setting up the lighting, every choice you make helps craft a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Farm Area

Your Gateway to Real and Virtual Agriculture

The farm area aboard the homeship is a pioneering space where virtual farming meets real-world agriculture. Engage with innovative agricultural methods like hydroponics and vertical farming, designed to optimize space and resources in both the virtual and actual environments. This dual-function farm serves as a crucial source of fresh produce in-game and provides a dynamic interface for managing and monitoring your real-life farming operations.

Harness the power of advanced technology to plan, monitor, and manage your real-world farm directly from the game. This integration allows for a seamless transition between managing your virtual crops and your actual agricultural projects, with real-time data updates and analytical tools that enhance both your gaming experience and your real-world farming efficiency.

In the virtual world, learn resource conservation techniques and ecological management that can be applied to your real farm. The virtual farm acts not only as a productive area within the game but also as an educational platform where you can experiment with crop rotations, pest management, and sustainable practices without real-world risks.

The farm area is also a community hub, encouraging cooperation between players who manage their own real and virtual farms. Share insights, exchange farming strategies, and collaborate on research projects that benefit both virtual and actual agricultural endeavors.

Through immersive gameplay and practical application, the farm area offers a unique opportunity to cultivate agricultural skills and knowledge, bridging the gap between virtual gaming and real-life farming responsibilities.


Your Center for Creativity and Innovation

Step into the garage/workshop aboard the homeship, where your creative vision comes to life. This space is equipped with an array of tools and machinery designed to handle a wide range of projects, from crafting simple household items to engineering complex machinery. Whether you’re fixing a broken gadget or building a new invention, the workshop has everything you need to get the job done.

Dive into a world of educational opportunities as you learn practical skills in mechanics, electronics, and more. Interactive tutorials and hands-on tasks are designed not just to entertain but to educate, providing you with knowledge and abilities that extend beyond the game.

The workshop is not only a place for individual creativity but also a hub for community collaboration. Join forces with fellow players to tackle larger projects, share resources, and exchange knowledge. Here, sustainability is a key focus, with tools for recycling and repurposing materials, emphasizing efficient use of resources and minimizing waste.

Public Section

The Heartbeat of Community Life

Step into the public section aboard the homeship, the dynamic center of social interaction and community engagement. This bustling area is designed to foster connections, host events, and celebrate the diverse cultures of the ship’s inhabitants.

From lively cafés and restaurants offering flavors from across the galaxy to open spaces for gatherings and performances, the public section is a melting pot of ideas and activities. Participate in community-led events, cultural festivals, and public meetings that not only entertain but also strengthen the bonds among crew members.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the public section also supports a range of activities that encourage physical well-being and group participation. Enjoy sports arenas, fitness centers, and recreational parks, all tailored to keep the community active and engaged.

This area is not just about leisure and enjoyment; it also serves as a forum for democratic participation. Here, crew members can come together to discuss and make decisions on matters affecting the entire community, ensuring everyone has a voice in the governance of their shared space.

Communal Hangar

Hub of Innovation and Exploration

Enter the communal hangar, a vital core of the homeship where creativity meets utility. This expansive area serves as the launching ground for missions, a workshop for crafting and construction, and a space for communal innovation. Whether you’re preparing for an expedition, building a vehicle, or collaborating on large-scale projects, the hangar provides the resources and space necessary for your ambitions.

The hangar is equipped with advanced tools and modular stations that can be configured for a wide range of activities. It’s here that players can work together to assemble and maintain spacecraft, vehicles, and other essential equipment needed for exploring and colonizing new worlds. The hangar’s open design facilitates easy access and movement of large constructs, making it a bustling center of activity and efficiency.

This space is also designed for social interaction and teamwork. Regular workshops, team-building exercises, and strategy sessions take place here, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among crew members. The hangar’s atmosphere is charged with the energy of collaboration and the thrill of innovation, making it a favorite gathering spot for those looking to make a tangible impact.

Space Mall

Your Gateway to Virtual and Real-World Commerce

Step into the space mall aboard the homeship, a commercial hub where the future of shopping comes alive. This dynamic marketplace offers an array of products ranging from advanced gadgets and interstellar fashion to traditional goods and exotic artifacts. Here, shopping transcends the virtual, as players have the unique opportunity to purchase both in-game items and real-world goods through a seamless integration of affiliate links.

Partnering with major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target, the space mall features interactive kiosks where your virtual shopping experience directly connects you to real-world products. Every purchase made via these affiliate links not only enhances your game experience but also supports the game’s development and community initiatives by generating commission-based funding.

Beyond commerce, the space mall is a vibrant venue for social interaction and cultural exchange. Enjoy a diverse array of dining options, participate in cultural events, or simply revel in the social atmosphere of the mall. It’s a place designed not just for shopping but for community engagement and celebration.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the space mall also hosts virtual reality zones and digital showrooms, allowing players to explore products in immersive new ways before making a purchase. Regular events like product launches, fashion shows, and tech expos keep the mall bustling with excitement, making it a central node of activity and innovation aboard the homeship.

Fitness and Wellness Center

Your Hub for Health and Harmony

Embark on a journey of personal well-being at the fitness and wellness center aboard the homeship, where health and harmony are within everyone’s reach. This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a wide range of fitness equipment, from traditional weightlifting stations to advanced cardio machines and virtual reality fitness programs. Whether you are looking to build strength, improve endurance, or enhance flexibility, the center provides all the tools necessary for a comprehensive workout.

Beyond physical fitness, the wellness center offers a serene environment for mental and emotional rejuvenation. Participate in yoga classes, mindfulness meditation sessions, or wellness workshops that promote mental clarity and stress relief. These programs are designed to support not only physical health but also emotional and psychological well-being, ensuring a balanced approach to your overall health.

The center also includes specialized areas for sports and group fitness classes, encouraging community interaction and teamwork. Whether it’s spinning, Pilates, or team sports, there’s an activity to match every interest and fitness level. These group sessions not only enhance physical health but also foster a sense of community and mutual support among the crew.

Holistic health services, including nutritional counseling, personal training, and therapeutic treatments, are available to personalize your wellness journey. Expert staff are on hand to guide you through personalized health plans and provide professional support, making it easier to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Reactor and Engineering Bay

Powering Progress and Innovation

Dive into the heart of the homeship at the reactor and engineering bay, where the pulse of power and innovation beats strongest. This vital area houses the ship’s main power sources, including advanced nuclear reactors and alternative energy systems, which are essential for the ship’s operation and the well-being of its crew.

Engineers, technicians, and scientists work side by side in this high-tech environment, monitoring energy outputs, conducting maintenance, and implementing upgrades to ensure optimal performance. The bay is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and repair stations that allow the crew to address any issues swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the homeship remains at the forefront of spacefaring technology.

The engineering bay also serves as an educational platform for aspiring engineers and physicists aboard the ship. Through hands-on workshops and simulations, crew members can learn about energy management, system engineering, and sustainability in space. These educational experiences are designed to inspire innovation and foster a deeper understanding of the technology that propels the homeship through the stars.

In addition to its operational duties, the reactor and engineering bay is a hub for pioneering research and development. Here, new technologies are tested and refined, from propulsion systems to energy conservation methods. These advancements not only enhance the homeship’s capabilities but also contribute to the broader field of space exploration and sustainability.

Hydroponic Gardens

A Sanctuary of Greenery and Recreation

Step into the hydroponic gardens aboard the homeship, a vibrant oasis that combines the practicality of food production with the tranquility of a park. This lush space serves not only as a vital component of the ship’s life support system, providing fresh produce and purifying the air, but also as a serene getaway for relaxation and recreation.

The gardens are meticulously designed to optimize space and resources using advanced hydroponic technology. Water and nutrients circulate in a closed-loop system, ensuring that a diverse array of plants—from nutrient-rich vegetables to beautiful ornamental flowers—thrive in this controlled environment. This variety adds color and life, transforming the gardens into a picturesque setting perfect for leisure activities.

Crew members are invited to unwind and reconnect in this green sanctuary. The gardens feature designated areas for picnics, leisurely strolls, and recreational activities that encourage relaxation and social interaction. Soft grassy areas, fragrant flower beds, and quiet seating nooks provide perfect spots for reading, meditating, or enjoying a meal amidst the greenery.

In addition to being a source of sustenance and oxygen, the hydroponic gardens are a hub for educational and community engagement. Workshops on botany and sustainable farming practices offer hands-on learning opportunities, while the beauty and diversity of the plant life support mental well-being and foster a deeper connection with nature.

Medical and Research Facility

Advancing Health and Science in Space

Step into the medical and research facility aboard the homeship, a state-of-the-art center focused on ensuring the well-being of all crew members and pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry. This facility combines advanced medical care with innovative research labs, making it a cornerstone of health and science on the ship.

In the medical wing, crew members have access to comprehensive healthcare services, from routine checkups to emergency interventions. Equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic tools, the medical team is prepared to address a wide range of health issues with precision and care. Telemedicine capabilities allow for consultations with specialists across the galaxy, ensuring top-tier medical knowledge and practices are always available.

Adjacent to the medical wing is the research laboratory, where scientists and researchers explore a variety of fields including space medicine, biotechnology, and life support systems. These labs are equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows for experiments and studies that could not be conducted on Earth, providing valuable insights into the effects of space travel on biological systems and potential ways to mitigate them.

The facility also hosts educational programs and workshops, where crew members can learn about health maintenance, first aid, and the latest scientific discoveries. This emphasis on education ensures that all inhabitants are informed and proactive about their health and well-being.

Community engagement is encouraged through regular health fairs and science talks, making the medical and research facility a hub of knowledge and wellness aboard the homeship. It’s not just a place for treatment and study but a vibrant community space that fosters a culture of health and ongoing education.

Cultural and Education Hub

Nurturing Minds and Cultures

Welcome to the cultural and education hub aboard the homeship, a dynamic and inspiring space dedicated to the enrichment of all crew members. This hub serves as the heart of learning and cultural exploration, offering a diverse array of programs and resources that cater to the educational and cultural needs of the community.

The hub features state-of-the-art classrooms, libraries filled with digital and physical resources, and interactive workshops that make learning a hands-on, engaging experience. From language classes and scientific seminars to arts and crafts workshops, the educational offerings are designed to appeal to a wide range of interests and age groups, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Cultural enrichment is a cornerstone of the hub, with spaces dedicated to art exhibitions, musical performances, and cultural festivals that celebrate the diverse backgrounds of the crew. These events not only provide entertainment but also foster a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures represented aboard the homeship.

The hub also includes a variety of technological learning tools, such as virtual reality and augmented reality systems, which allow crew members to explore distant worlds, historical events, and complex scientific concepts in an immersive environment. This technology enhances traditional learning methods and makes complex subjects accessible and enjoyable.

Collaboration and community involvement are highly encouraged, with spaces designed for group projects and community-led classes. The hub is not just a place to learn; it’s a place to teach and share knowledge, empowering crew members to contribute to the educational life of the community.

Recreational Park

Your Escape to Nature and Play

Step into the recreational park aboard the homeship, a lush oasis designed to provide a peaceful retreat and a playground for active relaxation. This beautifully landscaped area mimics the serene and diverse environments of Earth, featuring elements such as grassy meadows, tranquil water features, and clusters of trees that offer shade and a sense of seclusion.

The park is designed to accommodate a wide range of recreational activities. Paved paths invite you for a jog or a leisurely stroll, while open fields are perfect for sports like soccer, frisbee, or picnics under the stars. Children’s play areas are equipped with safe and fun playground equipment, ensuring that the youngest crew members can play and explore in a secure environment.

For those seeking tranquility, designated quiet zones with benches and hammocks are available for reading, meditation, or simply enjoying the view of the stars through the transparent dome overhead. The park also includes community gardens where crew members can grow flowers and non-edible plants, fostering a connection to gardening and the cycle of life.

Regularly scheduled events like outdoor concerts, movie nights, and fitness classes add a dynamic social component, turning the park into a hub of community life. These events provide opportunities for socializing, entertainment, and staying active, enhancing the overall well-being of the crew.

Command and Control Center

The Strategic Hub of the Homeship

Enter the command and control center, the epicenter of leadership and oversight aboard the homeship. This high-tech facility is equipped with state-of-the-art communication systems, navigational tools, and monitoring stations that ensure the smooth operation of the ship and the safety of its crew.

From this central hub, the ship’s commanders and their teams oversee all aspects of homeship life, from navigation and propulsion to life support and security. Large, interactive displays provide real-time data on the ship’s systems and external conditions, allowing for immediate responses to any operational challenges or threats.

The center is also a key point for coordinating missions, whether they involve exploring new planets, conducting scientific research, or managing fleet movements. Strategic planning sessions, crisis management, and daily operations are all conducted from this room, making it a place of constant activity and critical decision-making.

In addition to its operational duties, the command and control center serves as an educational platform for crew members who are training in ship operations, navigation, and crisis management. Simulated control exercises and strategy workshops are regularly held to ensure that crew members are well-prepared for any situation.