Project Universe

Project Universe (PU) is a next generation Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game designed to be played by yourself and with teams of varying size. It will be available on mobile, consoles, desktop, as a website, and with virtual/augmented reality to make it as accessible as possible. The server infrastructure is designed to handle billions of concurrent users without splitting the various regions into isolated server groups, we want you playing with everyone you want to play with without requiring you to make a new character on a different regional server.

The story takes place aboard humanity’s first expedition fleet of generation ships on a mission beyond our solar system to colonize other systems without Faster Than Light (FTL) technology. Players are crew members aboard the permanently space bound fleet ships gathering resources from asteroids to build equipment/vehicles, growing food for the fleet, salvaging from derelict stations/spaceships, and much more. As development progresses we’ll introduce many different methods of game-play allowing players to play the way they want, while still being able to contribute to global events. As we acquire permission to integrate other Intellectual Properties (IP) we’ll have even more options available that extend beyond our own design.

Through continually growing community support development is in constant development since it was officially announced on January 29th, 2019. Growing our following on social media is crucial to the success of the project allowing us to reach a wider audience of volunteer developers and appealing to more businesses to become our partners. Funding comes from community support via Patreon, through integrating all of our business partners, and through the sale of merchandise. The game is free to play without the use of expansions, DLC, or micro-transactions, we want everyone playing to have access to all of our content.

As of September 10th, 2019 game development is still volunteer based, we’re doing as much as we can while having to work other jobs to keep food on the table. We’re in the process of acquiring funding through sponsors/investors which is taking a while as we do not have a demo available, yet. We’re presently creating the Graphics User Interface (GUI), tiling system for creating maps, inventory, and several other core systems.

PU is in open development meaning anyone that wishes to contribute may join us on Discord and begin contributing. You’ll be added to a list of community members and based on your contributions to the project determines how soon you will be paid. All individuals which have joined have agreed upon a set $2000/month regardless of their position under the agreement that they also create a Patreon account to allow our community to provide additional support for your contributions.

If you can:

  • voice act
  • write stories
  • design characters
  • draw
  • 3D model
  • create music
  • design maps
  • help financially
  • provide legal advice/assistance
  • advertise
  • design game audio
  • program in C#
  • develop in Unity

Or anything else that can aid in the development, funding, or gaining of followers for Project Universe join us and we’ll discuss what you can do.