Project Universe

Our video game in development is bringing the new age of education/entertainment with the power in the hands of the developers and community instead of a corporate entity. We possess a plethora of business partners and developers aiding the development and funding of the project. Everyone is encouraged to join us in the development of the project regardless of your skill level. All you need to do is join our Discord and find out where you fit in! The various links provided on the home page provides all the information you need to know in order to contribute to the project.

If you can:

  • voice act
  • write stories
  • design characters
  • draw
  • 3D model
  • create music
  • design maps
  • help financially
  • provide legal advice/assistance
  • advertise
  • design game audio
  • program in C#
  • develop in Unity

Or anything else that can aid in the development, funding, or gaining of followers for Project Universe join us and we’ll discuss what you can do.