Hello Universe!

I am Michael Boisson; Shaostoul has been my online alias since the mid-2000s; if you Google “Shaostoul” you’ll find majority of the links pertain to me in some way. Since I was a child in the 1990s I’ve always dreamt of developing my own video game, permanently ending poverty, uniting humanity, and living in outer space. I know the last 3 sound naively optimistic, but if there’s one thing I learned about humanity in my 4 decades on Earth it’s we’re capable of infinitely more than we believe possible.

A Brief History

  • Born 1988 January 29 at 3:12 AM in Tampa, Florida.
  • In 1992 introduced to video games via the NES with Mario/Duck Hunt.
  • In 1994 began learning video game development/modification (modding) via my father’s Amiga 500/4000.
    • Started teaching myself game development by modding Master of Magic, Magic Carpet, BattleTech Crescent Hawk’s Inception, Cannon Fodder, Frontier Elite 2.
  • In 2004 began learning 3D art via Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD 2000) in high-school.
  • In 2006 graduated high-school and began voluntarily teaching game development online globally.
    • Games I’ve modded and taught modding for since then include: Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, Freelancer (3D art via Rhino3D), Dwarf Fortress, The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind, The Elderscrolls 4 Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, MechWarrior 5.
  • In 2014 began modding and teaching others to modify Space Engineers. This is when my online community began to grow significantly. This is when I got really into 3D modeling using Blender and Physically Based Rendering (PBR.)
  • In 2016 May was rendered bedridden via life-threatening intestinal bleeding, cause later deemed Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s disease. Lost my ability to hold a job, couldn’t work on my computer, resorted to helping/teaching how to mod Space Engineers via my cellphone. Donations/gifts have given me everything I have today.
  • On 2017 December 24 dedicated my life to humanity’s betterment however I could as thanks for humanity helping me stay alive. A near death experience caused by Crohn’s disease complications which led to a fistula which became infected with e-coli and salmonella which led to sepsis and nearly killed me showed me I might as well live the life I want to live while I still can.
  • In March 2018 guest spoke at Emerald City Comic Con about the benefits of video game modding on individuals, communities, and developers. Marek Rosa the CEO of Keen Software House sponsored myself and a few other modders to go.
  • On 2019 January 28 invited humanity to voluntarily join me in researching and developing means of permanently ending poverty and uniting humanity via Project Universe.

Baby Steps

Initially permanently ending poverty sounds like an impossible task until you realize the process starts with ending poverty for 1 person, not 8 billion. Once we establish how we end/prevent poverty for 1 person anywhere on and off Earth we then infinitely scale up that solution to work for 8 billion people. Fortunately for us we already have access to millennia of research and development, infinite inventions, and Earth’s bountiful resources. Yay for not starting from scratch!

The Basics

Regardless of who, what, when, where, why, how, ALL OF US require reliable shelter, good food, and potable water. All 3 seem rather simple at first, but there’s a lot involved in achieving the best end product. The simplest term we can use for defining a home capable of providing for our 3 most basic of needs is “homestead.” A homestead is a place where we can stay indefinitely sheltering in place, growing our own food, purifying our own water; barring cataclysms. While not everyone is capable of homesteading on their own, majority of people can and should be. For those that can’t (babies, children, elderly, disabled, injured) is where community cooperation comes into play.

From an individual perspective, homesteading is by far the best way of obtaining and maintaining autonomous self-sustaining life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Homesteading comes with all kinds of benefits including improving of physical and mental health, the ability to never need money to survive, and in the event of the apocalypse means of rebuilding. Without electricity we require about 0.25 acres aka 10,000 square feet aka 1,000 square meters per person per homestead. With current technology we can likely get that down to 0.05 acres per person per homestead.

From a community perspective, once we build one self-sustaining homestead we now have access to everything we need to easily build another homestead. Means of creating an infinitely scalable support network of individually autonomous homes. No need to wait for foreign aid when all the homes around you are capable of building a new home when any are destroyed. As long as one exists, infinitely more are able to be built.

On and Off Earth

Inevitably humanity wants to and should colonize other planets, solar systems, galaxies to ensure its survival. If anything happens to Earth our species can cease to exist in its entirety; like asteroids, super volcano eruptions, massive solar flares, etc. We know these things happen, so it makes sense to prepare for them.

The best part about designing a homestead capable of surviving in space is we get to build them here on Earth first. We definitely want to get the design figured out here before we find ourselves stranded in space with a bad design and our oxygen running out and the nearest help is a million miles away. Fortunately designing for space is relatively simple, we essentially take what we already know about homesteading on Earth and make it all work indoors as if they’re spaceships.

Solar radiation is a serious concern in space and can become a serious problem on Earth via solar flares; we can even test solar radiation shielding in places like Antarctica where Earth’s magnetic shield is weakest. While space is a vacuum, the atmosphere on Earth can become poisoned, so a self-contained system of indefinitely producing clean oxygen is a no brainer.

Project Universe

Now with all that context out of the way let’s get to the point of what all this about. I want to survive indefinitely, ideally until I’m at least 100 years old. Homesteading isn’t exactly easy, especially for anyone just starting their journey to self-sustainability. Fortunately we can create tools which educate, simplify, automate the homesteading process. “Your” journey starts here on this Shaostoul.com website and assuming you know nothing about homesteading, you have now learned about the importance of it. Obviously this website is incomplete, but it is being developed further every day by myself and by countless volunteers across the globe.

Fortunately we have internet access right now, but we may not always have internet access, so everything this website does to help everyone homestead must be made accessible offline as well. The simplest way of making all this information and tools accessible offline is by combining all of it into a video game accessible via every cellphone, tablet, gaming console, TV, computer, laptop, etc.

My community has been developing a video game using the Unity game engine designed to teach everyone everything everywhere on/off Earth, automate homesteading, provide free means of social interaction globally, and everything else all of us come up with. Everyone is freely welcome to develop this, because everyone deserves an autonomously self-sustaining life free from slavery. No prior experience necessary, because everyone is capable of learning.

Most of us aren’t in a position to immediately build our own homesteads, but together we can voluntarily collaborate, share, discuss, organize, plan, etc. together to make it happen. We must organize, we must formulate a plan, we must do this together, we must voluntarily invest our time, energy, and resources towards creating a better life today.

For many of us, simply sharing our land to build permaculture farms to grow food means reducing cost of living and surviving the nightmare before us. Let’s dream of a better world together and then bring that dream into reality.