My Introduction

Hello! I’m Michael Boisson, also known as Shaostoul. I’m a self-taught independent game developer and a humanitarian entrepreneur passionately working on Project Universe. This project is a sci-fi game developed in Unreal 5 and an initiative aimed at ending poverty by uniting humanity through gaming. Set aboard humanity’s first fleet of non-FTL interstellar spacecraft, Project Universe is not just a game, but a learning platform where players practice essential skills like farming, pottery, carpentry, welding, and electrical work in a resource-limited environment. Join me on this journey to explore, colonize, and create a sustainable future in our galaxy?

Project Universe’s Introduction

Empowering Communities, Starting in Kitsap County

Project Universe is a visionary initiative aimed at tackling global challenges such as homelessness and environmental sustainability, starting with my own community in Kitsap County, Washington. My mission is to create sustainable, supportive environments enhancing everyone’s quality of life, utilizing innovative solutions and community-driven projects such as Sponsor-A-Can. Only together can we aka you, me, humanity, facilitate poverty’s permanent end!

Building Sustainable Homesteads

Our approach centers on developing communal homesteads that provide more than just shelter. By transitioning from temporary setups like tents to permanent, weather-safe tiny homes—and eventually to larger, self-sustaining homesteads—we aim to reduce living costs and increase stability. Each homestead is designed to be efficient and resilient, capable of producing year-round food without relying on constant electricity, ensuring each individual or family can thrive regardless of external circumstances.

Get Involved

Project Universe is in its foundational stages, and we need your support and collaboration. Whether you’re a local resident, a global advocate for sustainability, or someone passionate about innovative community solutions, there’s a role for you.

  • Join the Conversation: Participate in our community discussions on Discord where we share ideas, progress, and collaborate on projects.
  • Support Our Mission: Learn how you can contribute to our efforts through donations, volunteering, or sharing our vision with others. Every bit of support helps us move closer to our goal of a sustainable, inclusive future.

Stay Updated

As Project Universe evolves, there will be more opportunities to engage and more achievements to share. Stay connected with us through regular updates on our website and detailed insights on our progress and impact.

Contact Us

We are eager to hear from you! If you have questions, suggestions, or want to get involved, please reach out through our Contact Page. Your input is invaluable as we build a global community committed to lasting change.

Join Us

Let’s transform how we think about community living and sustainability together. Visit our Patreon page to support us financially, and become a part of a movement that’s building a better world, one community at a time.


Free unlimited perpetual access to clean air, robust shelter, potable water, healthy food, unbiased education, altruistic government, supportive communities, resilient infrastructure, incorruptible healthcare, individual sovereignty, long life, humane liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

More Than Just a Game

Project Universe is not merely a game; it’s a visionary platform that merges the digital and physical realms to foster real-world change. This initiative goes beyond traditional gaming by incorporating a unique suite of tools and features designed to impact the real world directly. With its engaging gameplay, Project Universe also offers detailed 3D models and practical tools that extend its influence beyond virtual entertainment.

Players are not just participants in a virtual space; they become architects of their own reality. Through the capability to 3D print game elements for personal use, the boundary between gaming and practical application blurs. This allows innovations conceived within the game to be brought to life, transforming ideas into tangible tools and objects that enhance everyday living.

Furthermore, the platform’s sophisticated in-game systems for automating and managing agricultural activities serve a dual purpose. These aren’t merely virtual assets; they are blueprints for sustainable living. The technologies developed in Project Universe can be directly applied to real-world farming and resource management, offering efficient, scalable solutions for food production and environmental stewardship.

Project Universe stands as a testament to the transformative potential of gaming. It is more than entertainment; it is an educational and empowering platform that leverages the immersive power of virtual worlds to teach, inspire, and equip individuals with the tools needed for sustainable development. Our mission is clear: to utilize the engaging and interactive nature of gaming to pave the way towards ending poverty and achieving global sustainability, making Project Universe a pioneering force in the fusion of digital innovation and tangible, positive change.