Project Universe

Welcome to Project Universe’s altruistic global movement uniting humanity via the power of voluntary collaboration guided by unconditional love!

In short we’re following an opensource plan in constant community research & development ending poverty in a series of stages.

In December 2017 Michael “Shaostoul” Boisson nearly died due to Crohn’s disease complications caused by the USA’s poor healthcare system, courtesy of the US government neglecting its citizen’s welfare.

This was the most terrifying moment in his life as he thought he was going to die due to sepsis.

After emergency life-saving surgery he spent the next week in the hospital hooked up to IV antibiotics.

Upon waking up he had no idea how he’d survive the coming years due to surgery leaving him bedridden for an unknowable amount of time.

On 24 December 2017 he returned home on a life or death mission in pursuit of living a life he’d be proud of.

With access only to his cellphone while confined to bed he began researching & developing a plan which we know today as Project Universe.

Fortunately he’s been voluntarily teaching game development since 2006 providing a wealth of knowledge, resources, & most importantly the open global community supporting him.

Stage 2 began 29 January 2019 when we openly invited humanity to join us! We’re creating what’s best described as a blended-reality space-ready platform providing the funding & digital infrastructure we require. You’ll often hear this referred to as the game, mall, & school.

As of 3 August 2021 we nearly have a demo available thanks to volunteers & crowdfunding! If you want to check out the pre-demo build please join our Discord & let us know so we can ensure the latest build is uploaded to GitHub.

Stage 3 begins when sufficient revenue is generated via the mall funding building our opensource self-sufficient free-to-live-in housing complexes. These are designed to be deployed anywhere on & off Earth providing everything an isolated community needs to survive indefinitely. Building multiple housing complexes relatively close together creates an infinitely scalable self-replicating support network.

You might be asking yourself “How does this unite humanity & end poverty?” Every aspect of Project Universe is a tool permanently resolving issues causing poverty. They’re designed with our imminent future as a multiplanet species in mind ensuring the function anywhere on or off Earth.

This website functions as the hub for all information & interaction between users & the systems we’re creating. Most services will be accessible from here maximizing accessibility ensuring whatever your situation may be you’ll benefit from our altruistic global collaboration!

The Game is the foundation of the platform being developed in the Unity game engine. It provides the features the mall & school require, entertainment, & social interaction. This is vital to combating cabin fever; while not a big problem on Earth, it’s deadly when people are in a confined spacecraft traveling 6 months to Mars through the vast emptiness of space or living on the desolate surface of the Moon; Going outside for a leisurely stroll through nature isn’t exactly an option. A deadly virus can’t spread without physical interaction!

The Mall is our primary source of funding integrated into the website & game. Through it we don’t require users pay for access, DLC, expansions, in-game content, etc. We want you investing your money in products & services that benefit you in real-life, such as food, water, housing, utilities, vehicles, maintenance, clothing, electronics, furniture, & toys.

When you purchase a product or service through our virtual mall a commission is generated. This works by acquiring affiliate links from retailers; we have a list of partners, if you’re interested.

Any business providing an affiliate link is able to be a partner. We accept unsolicited business partnership proposals.

The School built into the game is a cool fun way of teaching everyone anything they need & want. By integrating it into the game not only can we teach in a more traditional school setting, but we can also teach through gameplay. What better way to learn welding, plumbing, electronics, etc. than in a fun environment, possibly while fending off aliens hungering for your flesh!

Additionally when augmented reality glasses & contacts are available to the public, Project Universe’s AI will help you build or repair anything in real-life! IE: It’ll help you rebuild a classic car, repair damaged plumbing, electrical wiring, etc. in the event you can’t access or afford a trained professional. This is particularly helpful should you find yourself stranded in space with a rescue team months away.

This is a brief intro into Project Universe, all that’s left is making it happen! We kindly ask that you join us in permanently ending poverty using video games (initially) in pursuit of uniting humanity!

Everyone, including you, are encouraged to join us in showing humanity the way towards a utopian future together! We’re fed up with all the suffering going on, demand for change, & nothing happening, so we’re doing what we can with what we have. We will not sit idly by demanding corrupt governments & heartless corporation help us, we are creating the change we need.

Together we’re a beacon of hope for a utopian future for all!

Join us, help humanity, change the world!