Project Universe

Permanently ending global poverty

NOTICE: This website is a Work-In-Progress undergoing a redesign since 3 August 2022.

Welcome to Project Universe’s freely open global movement dedicated to humanity’s betterment! Through the unbelievable power of voluntary collaboration we’re assembling & developing a free-to-use toolkit allowing anyone the security & independence of a fully self-sufficient living system. A self-contained & environmentally-neutral system for today & our imminent future as an interplanetary civilization.

Open minds to infinite possibilities

We’re utilizing unconventional solutions to solve complex problems plaguing humanity. There’s an incredibly high chance you’ll think we’re crazy, but we ask you to open your mind to the infinite possibilities of our reality.

For example, we’re developing a video game specifically designed to permanently end poverty. This tool we’re creating provides access to a high-quality education anywhere on & off Earth via compatible smart devices.

We believe the quality of our civilizations foundation is determined by the sharing of knowledge & perspectives. The better educated the masses are, the better our civilization does, the better lives we all live.

The History

Understanding Project Universe requires knowing my past & Project Universe’s.

Hello there fellow sentience! My name is Michael Boisson, but most people know me as my online alias Shaostoul.

I was born 29 January 1988 in Tampa, Florida at 3:12AM to my family: Destiny, my mom. David, my biological father. Matthew, my older brother.

Matt was my rock despite only being a year & a half older than I am. He watched over me, took care of me, & taught me about life.

After a bunch of really bad stuff courtesy of my abusive narcissistic biological father in 1990; my Mom, Matt, & I moved to Kitsap County, Washington where began our new lives with our new dad, Kevin.

In 1992 Mom & Dad (a super nerd) introduced me to video games via the original NES playing that Mario/Duck Hunt combo catridge.

In 1993 Mom & Dad had Paul, my younger brother. I spent a lot of my time doing for Paul what Matt did for me.

In 1994 Dad got our family’s first PC, an Amiga 500; not long after an Amiga 4000. Around this time Dad taught me we can create our own video games & modify existing games; At which point I began teaching myself game development, because I enjoy the challenge of it!

In 2006 after graduating high-school I begun voluntarily teaching game development & how to modify video games (AKA modding) globally.

My community grew some during this time period, but not a whole lot. I modded & taught modding for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, Dwarf Fortress, Freelancer, Minecraft, Morrowind, Skyrim, Fallout 4, & several others.

In 2014 I began learning how to mod the game Space Engineers by Keen Software House. The game was in early development & didn’t even have Steam Workshop support at the time, but the concept behind the game won my heart instantaneously!

In 2015 the developers added Steam Workshop support & the modding community for it exploded! With almost no support for the devs & a now rapidly growing demand from the community for help learning how to mod the game I decided to help. From this point I began modding & teaching to mod about 16 hours/week.

In May 2016 I became afflicted with Crohn’s disease, which was causing severe intestinal bleeding. There’s a longer story here, but I’ll save that for another time. Crohn’s essentially rendered me bedridden, but I kept trying to mod & teach, because I love doing it.

In December 2017 Crohn’s disease complications led to sepsis which nearly killed me. Thankfully I got to the ER in time, had life-saving surgery & then spent a week recovering in the hospital. Upon returning home on Christmas Eve I dedicated my life to the betterment of humanity how I best saw fit. My time in the hospital near completely changed my perspective of reality. I took my time restricted to laying on my left or right side as a sign I need to live my best life while I still can.

This is when Project Universe began before it had a name. Crohn’s taught me the best way of helping myself is by helping others, because without others I would’ve died that day. I was bedridden for the foreseeable future so I set off on a quest figuring out how I can help humanity while bedridden. Thankfully I had a smart phone & spent my days researching all kinds of things.

In 2018 I was invited to guest speak at Emerald City Comic Con in March with a few fellow modders from the Space Engineers community. Together we decided to discuss the benefits of video game modding on individuals, communities, & developers. You can watch the hour long panel on my YouTube channel! This video is the best example of who I am without knowing all my history. I received the final confirmation we were going on my 30th birthday! Easily the coolest birthday present!

I was bleeding, my surgery site was still open, & I was in excruciating pain, but I needed to go. This panel & getting to meet everyone proved to me I was on the right path. People of all types filled the room beyond fire safety capacity! Affecting all of these people, despite my poor health, showed me I was far more capable than I ever thought possible.

On 29 January 2019 on my 31st birthday I invited humanity to join me with the first ever Project Universe video. Thanks to my family’s, friend’s, & community’s voluntary help I felt we had a good enough plan to begin acting on it.

In December 2019 development was going much better than expected thanks to an awesome team of volunteers that I registered our official business Shaostoul Social Purpose Corporation. I went with a SPC, because all of my game dev friends said registering as a non-profit killed most game studios before they even had a chance to launch, but an ordinary corporation didn’t feel quite right. I care more about helping humanity than I care about profits/money.

In 2020 feces hit the fan with the quarantines. Many volunteers from outside the US vanished, because they relied on internet cafes. Thankfully a small core group of volunteers remained. Progress continued, but at a significantly slower pace.

Since then progress has slowly been regaining strength. Thanks to volunteers we were able to submit Project Universe to Unity for Humanity. A proud moment for us, despite not being chosen, because we showed ourselves we’re still making progress! The Unity for Humanity summit truly opened my eyes to humanity’s technological progress & how we’re so much further along than I thought we were. This event showed me, despite all adversity, there’s always hope.

This is a rather crude history. I’ll work on it gradually, but it’s good enough for now.

A brief introduction

It shouldn’t have to be said, but Project Universe is incredibly vast. As you’d expect a crazy plan designed to permanently end global poverty.

The 6-minute video below is a crash course into what we’re doing without all the fluff. There is a TON of information to the point of intimidating & confusing most people. If you need help understanding, reach out to us.

Every individual component of Project Universe is intrinsically linked to nearly every other component. Components are designed to work by themselves to increase resiliency, but to understand how we end poverty you must see how all the components work together.

We don’t expect anyone to truly comprehend what we’re doing here, especially on your first day.

See the whole picture, not just the individual aspects of it.

We’re constantly learning how to better explain it.

Humanity needs you!

With all of that out of the way, you may be wondering, “how can I help?”

The cool thing is, there’s tons of ways to help, but the first & most important is your presence! Simply by following Shaostoul on your preferred social media & joining our Discord, you help us reach population goals that open doors. It costs you nothing, but a little bit of your time. You can stop here, but for humanity’s sake & yours, we encourage you to consider contributing multiple ways.

From here, we need advocates. People going out into the real & virtual world helping us grow the community. Despite Shaostoul’s best efforts, he can’t be everywhere. Growing a community on dozens of online platforms is incredibly time consuming. Going out into the real world is difficult when you’re bedridden. You can always find a full list of Shaostoul’s social media platforms you can follow on our Contact page.

If you’re interested in contributing to game or software development, join our Discord! We’re looking for all kinds of artists with a focus on C# programmers, level designers, 3D modelers, & Unity developers. We’re looking for game developers of every position, so there’s a good chance you can help! There’s absolutely no experience required, we can help you learn whatever aspect of game development you’re interested in!

Thank you!

Seriously! Thank you! We understand there’s a lot of information here & it can be quite overwhelming. We appreciate your time, patience, & understanding. We know the world is crazy right now & it takes a lot of courage to search for solutions.

Just know that no matter what you decide to do, we unconditionally love you!