Project Universe

You’re invited to join our international endeavor preparing Humanity for our future as a united interplanetary civilization.

Our open community is creating a space-ready digital platform providing the foundation & funding for our free globally accessible education system & subsequent stages.

We’re developing it in Unity making it accessible on nearly any smart device, including cellphones, tablets, gaming consoles & computers.

Integrating the school into a video game drastically reduces the cost to develop, maintain & upgrade it.

Fortunately most of what we need is already available or in development by others!

SpaceX‘s Starlink satellite network provides internet access anywhere on Earth. All that’s required to access the school is the satellite antenna, solar panel with battery & preferred device.

Prior to our school being available there’s many free online schools we’re integrating access to. Our school blends into gameplay providing unique in-game learning experiences.

Players may find themselves solving problems in stressful situations such as having to repair hydraulics or wiring to close a door while their team fends of a swarm of bloodthirsty aliens.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in development by many groups, the most promising of which is OpenAI’s GPT3. It’s capable of a lot already, down the road it can create truly unique, challenging, rewarding, educational experiences.

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) create truly immersive environments, they’re also incredibly powerful teaching tools. They allow our school to teach complex subjects, including trades such as welding, carpentry, masonry, medical care, plumbing & more!

Our primary goal is to prepare people for life in space, there’s many problems to solve, thankfully we’re only focusing on a few.

One of the most dangerous is cabin fever, while not too dangerous on Earth, in space it becomes a life-threatening issue; Not only for the individual, but potentially the entire crew in an isolated habitat module weeks, months & possibly years away from help.

An easy way to prevent it is escapism via video games. Paired with omnidirectional treadmills it provides an immersive environment with fun exercise.

The game also provides a way for people to interact socially without having to be in the same habitat module. Interplanetary internet latency will be an issue until we develop a faster-than-light communication system.