Project Universe

Permanently ending & preventing poverty is easier than its ever been in human history! With 3D printers, at home solar+wind+water power generators, cellphones, indoor aquaponics/hydrophonics, hemp, gravity batteries, & the ability to process hemp into 3D printing filament we have the ability to build an infinite number of self-sufficient homes from a single self-sufficient home anywhere on Earth.

At the bare minimum all we need to build a self-sufficient home is a single cellphone with a single SD card with a single 3D printer with an unlimited supply of 3D printing filament, a Starlink antenna, & electricity. With these we can print all the framework we need not just for one home, but an infinite number of homes. Once a single home is built we can print additional homes with each having the same set of tools creating an infinitely expanding support network of self-sufficient homes. Think of it as a snowball effect; building the first home may be slow, but every subsequent home after that is built faster & cheaper. This is the same concept we’ll be employing when we begin colonizing the Moon, Mars, & elsewhere.

Currently we still require the massive global infrastructure we’ve created to facilitate building these homes, as not everyone can assemble their own electric motors & other complex objects. Fortunately with AI & robotics receiving massive amounts of R&D, it’s entirely possible before 2030 these homes & all the complex components within, could be autonomously assembled without a human ever having to step foot inside the home until it’s completed.

At this point we’re effectively capable of providing incredibly low-cost high-quality housing/shelter, all-season home-grown pesticide/herbicide/fungicide-free food, clean drinking water & off-grid power. Via countless charities & the generosity of volunteer laborers we’re already building the initial versions of these homes today. All of this is before even factoring in Project Universe!

With shelter, food, water, power, internet taken care of we have to address the other aspects of poverty: education, exercise, entertainment, & social interaction. Fortunately most of us have the benefit of being able to go outside, but this isn’t always the case for everyone. Some times there’s a quarantine or the weather is really bad or we just wanna stay home or we’re not feeling well or we’re flying through space in a tin can hurtling towards Mars over several months.

Regardless of reason this is where a maximally immersive video game comes into play. Through immersive enough gameplay we can teach anyone anything anywhere on & off Earth without requiring a human teacher. With omnidirectional treadmills we get people exercising in a fun not tedious way in a space about 16 square feet or 1.5 square meters. Through multiplayer games we ensure people get the social interaction we need to maintain positive mental health. The more enjoyable the whole experience the better the lessons we teach are learned, the better the health benefits, & more!

Project Universe is an open source extended reality (XR) game-like digital infrastructure built in Unity & this website by everyone for everyone. It’s made to function on every conceivable smart device from TVs, consoles, mobile phones, desktops, laptops, car navigation screens, everything we can realistically put it on. The reason is simple, we need the experience to be as intuitive as possible with minimal immersion breaks between locations to ensure everyone receives the maximum benefits. Any device we use can seamlessly grant us access to everything we need/want for free.

An added benefit of making this game accessible on any device is we can ship it with all the preloaded 3D models & lessons required to build those self-sufficient homes in any language. Being connected to the internet means we can keep it updated ensuring everyone has near immediate access to the most efficient designs & lessons in self-sufficiency. Being open source means it’s designed by humanity (not just a single company) ensuring it’s as good for humanity as we can get.

Now you might be wondering “How can I help?” Fortunately there are many ways!

From the very start everyone is able to help raise awareness; advocacy is the single most beneficial aspect as with increased global awareness we gain additional funding & those willing to volunteer at this seed stage. For a list of all the social media platforms we’re on head to the contact page.

A step up from here is crowdfunding; we understand not everyone has the time to contribute, but even just $1/month/person is enough considering there are 8 billion of us. Currently all our developers are volunteers, but there are 1,000s of software developers wanting to contribute, but can’t because they’re busy working their current job to put food on their table & pay rent. Fortunately many are able to start contributing for as little as ~$500/month! By the time we reach $100,000/month we’ll have more than enough contributors facilitating rapid development.

After this we’re looking for volunteer software developers; it’s not easy to ask someone to volunteer for such a time intensive project, but the more volunteers we have working on our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) the sooner we’ll have something to present to investors. R&D began on 24 December 2017, you can see our latest build on GitHub. We have most of the non-combat mechanics functional (farming, power distribution, inventory, movement, vehicle piloting, etc.) We’re presently focused on building the first “homeship” which represents a virtual version of the real-life self-sufficient homes we can build.

Base game wise you can think of it as a combination of Destiny 2, Deep Rock Galactic, Stardew Valley, & Space Engineers.

Volunteer software developer skills we’re looking for include: C#, Python, 3D art, 2D art, WordPress, HTML, SQL, OODBMS, Unity, level design, voice acting, writers, etc. A full list will be made available later. No prior experience necessary, we can teach you assuming you have a desktop/laptop, can watch prerecorded videos, & a desire to learn!

Lastly we’re looking for investors; with our MVP nearly ready to present & verifiable social media following growing our ability to obtain investors is growing. Our minimum ideal goal is $50,000/month allowing us to hire a core team of ~8 full time developers & pay for all the hardware/software significantly accelerating development.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Through the power of voluntary collaboration, utilizing all the resources already available to humanity, & video games we’re permanently ending/preventing poverty anywhere on & off Earth. If you have any comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, etc. don’t hesitate to reach out to us via one of the many available methods. Our founder Shaostoul AKA Michael Boisson is most easily contacted via Twitter & Discord.