Project Universe


Project Universe is the global community endeavor to prepare humanity for our future as a spacefaring civilization colonizing other planets. Initially we’re creating a Unity based sci-fi MMORPG in open development allowing anyone, including you, to contribute!

The MMO takes place after colonizing our own solar system. Players are crew members aboard humanity’s first fleet of colony spacecraft in transit to the next colonizable star system when they find themselves trapped fighting for survival. Players employ a wide array of equipment to aid them in their search for answers. Multiple ways to play ensures there’s something for everyone.

We’re creating an integrated tutorial system for modders and volunteers teaching them how to create functional in-game assets. Later on this will be upgraded to function as an actual school.

The virtual mall which doubles as the player lobby is our primary method of funding. Instead of filling it with fake businesses we’re incorporating real ones that provide an affiliate link used to connect to them in game at kiosks scattered throughout the mall. When players purchase products from our affiliates we receive a commission allowing us to provide the game, all future content and school for free indefinitely.

Thanks to volunteers development has been on-going since January 2019. Donations allow us to provide software licenses and hardware upgrades to contributors prior to the mall generating income. For every $2000/month we can hire another full-time developer. You can track total income on our Patreon.

All information is publicly available as part of our complete transparency rule which has proven significantly beneficial. Income, expenses, business partners, staff, the game design plan, etc. are available in one form or another, if something is not yet available it will be ASAP.

Our Discord is open to everyone, volunteers are encouraged to join as it’s how we coordinate our efforts. You’ll arrive in the “#welcome-new-user” channel, after reading the rules you must click the white check-mark with green background reaction icon on the bottom post to unlock the rest of the server. Once you join you have to wait 10 minutes before you can chat, it’s a safety precaution.