Project Universe


Every day since closed R&D began 24 Dec 2017

Open R&D began 29 Jan 2019 resulting in faster development as more volunteers join

Several are freely providing the hardware & software necessary for development, such as hosting this website & game servers

Development happens entirely online with members from many different countries around the world

Our business "Shaostoul Social Purpose Corporation" & its owner Michael "Shaostoul" Boisson is located in Kitsap County west of Seattle, WA, USA


We have the perfect excuse to stay home

We're having fun creating a game together; Being able to help others with it is the cherry on top

It's great free entertainment when you're poor, a learning experience & an opportunity to get a career in game dev regardless if you're new to it

Our Pale Blue Dot


It's a snowballing effect as development progresses, volunteers join, crowdfunding & investors increases

Existing & emerging dev tools maximize the worth of every $1 & minute invested

Crowdfunding via Patreon