Greetings and salutations fellow lifeforms! I’m Michael Patrick Boisson, also known as Shaostoul, a 36 year old altruistic philanthropic human male living in Silverdale, Washington, USA on Earth during the 21st century. I dream of ending poverty in pursuit of uniting humanity ensuring our civilization not only survives the next millennium, but everyone enjoys long prosperous fulfilling free lives. I’m turning this dream into reality with the voluntary assistance of countless people across the globe via Project Universe.

Before reading further, please, understand that concisely describing how we end poverty is incredibly difficult. It’s taken me nearly 4 decades to gain the knowledge, understanding, community, and other resources allowing me to even attempt this. If you’re like me wanting to make the world a better place, help humanity achieve its full potential, and think video games are capable of incredible things then join the website and shoot me a message letting me know