We’re impoverished when we lack clean air, robust shelter, potable water, healthy food, unbiased education, altruistic government, supportive communities, resilient infrastructure, and incorruptible healthcare.

To my understanding all humans are currently involuntarily impoverished to some degree. This is unacceptable. We all must voluntarily work together to facilitate poverty’s end; peacefully united is the only acceptable option. We’re the ones responsible for ensuring our survival in honor of our ancestors and support of future generations. Turning Earth into paradise for all is not impossible, we’re constantly developing technology making achieving indefinitely ideal living conditions easier than ever before.

We mustn’t fight between ourselves; unless it’s recreational. The fact we kill each other, because our colors, shapes, smells, opinions, nations, etc. are different is ridiculous. We’re more capable of facilitating our best existence the more us there are.

Project Universe’s video game is a mostly accurate recreation of reality in virtual form as means of teaching everyone everything everywhere and providing life bettering resources accessible from our bedrooms. Gameplay teaches users real-life skills including, but not limited to sewing, knitting, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, welding, carpentry, driving, flying, discipline, self-care, healthcare, respect, honor, nobility… What software can do is only limited by our imagination and the time necessary to build our inventions.

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