Develop website

This website:

  • is how everyone committed to ending poverty in pursuit of uniting humanity via Project Universe stays connected and informed.
  • functions as Project Universe’s pitch deck in pursuit of acquiring advocates, supporters, donors, and investors wanting to end poverty in the best, cheapest, fastest, coolest way possible.
  • functions as the default user interface for the Project Universe video game.

Develop 3D models

Develop 3D models for Project Universe’s video game and 3D printable real-life goods.

Current 3D printing models:

  • Phone cases
    • OnePlus 9 Pro
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max
    • iPhone 14 Pro Max (needs fine tuning)
    • Samsung S22 (Top priority WIP)
  • Toys
    • HURRIK9 replacement parts
      • Handle
      • Ring launch assist ring (WIP)
      • Ring launcher plunger padding (WIP)

Repair Refit 1975 Chevy Nova

1975 Chevy Nova current status = undrivable

Currently the front bench seat is not installed. It was removed to make the inside of the driver door accessible as it became stuck shut. The door’s latch had become damaged in its old age and required removal. Presently the door is held shut by a ratcheting tie down strap. I’m awaiting the arrival of the replacement door latch and other inner door components requiring replacement from