On the quests page, you’ll find a variety of tasks currently displayed as static examples from my own experiences, ranging from everyday tasks to unique projects. These serve as placeholders and guides until features allowing users to create and customize their own quest lists are developed. This will enable everyone to tailor activities to their preferences, turning daily chores and personal projects into engaging and rewarding experiences.


Infinitely repeating tasks following a semi/fixed schedule.

Routine Exercise

Daily engage in at least one 30-minute session of strenuous physical activity to ensure optimal health and energy.

Routine Hygiene

Complete morning and evening hygiene tasks, such as brushing, flossing, and skincare.

Routine Meals

Daily plan, prepare, and consume nutritious meals focusing on balanced ingredients ensuring optimal health.

Routine Pet Care

Feed, groom, and play with pet(s), ensuring optimal health and happiness.

Routine Reading

Spend 30 minutes reading to relax and improve knowledge or escape into a story.

Routine Rest and Relaxation

Allocate time for complete relaxation, engaging in activities that reduce stress and rejuvenate the body and mind, such as listening to soothing music, practicing deep breathing, or enjoying a leisurely walk. This is essential for maintaining optimal mental and physical health.


Unique endeavors such as restoring a classic vehicle, home renovations, or large-scale gardening projects, designed for personal fulfillment or substantial improvement of one’s living environment.

Millennial Quest: Project Universe


In 2017 I nearly died via my own body attacking itself causing intestinal bleeding; thanks to humanity’s voluntary assistance and modern technology I survived! While spending a week in the Intensive Care Unit at my local hospital I deeply contemplated what I wanted to do with my life. I was bedridden, knew I’d be bedridden for multiple years, and had to stay where I’m living to continue receiving the support I need to survive. Upon returning home on 2017 December 24 I dedicated my life to humanity’s betterment however I learn is best. Eventually this took the form of Project Universe, an unprecedented way of using voluntary collaboration and video games to end poverty.

Vehicle Maintenance: 1975 Chevy Nova

Setting out to restore my 1975 Chevy Nova, which currently faces a few challenges.

  • Need to replace the missing battery and fix the non-functional starter to get the engine up and running.
  • Driver’s side door is stuck shut; need to ask someone for help to fix.
  • Radio frequently loses power suggesting an electrical fault that needs troubleshooting.
  • There’s mold on the upholstery that must be cleaned thoroughly, seats may require reupholstering.
  • Carpet and insulation need replacement as they’re irreparably damaged.

Part 2 of the quest begins once the vehicle is safely operational again.