Development Note: Interactive Map Feature

Current Implementation:

  • Map Location: The map is currently centered on Silverdale, Washington, specifically focusing on the area around Kitsap Mall.
  • Functionality: At present, the map is view-only with detailed geographic data provided by Google Earth.

Planned Features:

  • Admin Controls: We plan to introduce administrative capabilities allowing designated users (initially developers and later expanded to moderators) to add, edit, and remove pins, markers, and designated zones directly on the map.
  • User Interactions: In future iterations, registered users will be able to add their own pins and markers, subject to admin approval. This feature aims to increase community engagement by allowing users to contribute to the map directly.
  • Advanced Geographic Tools: We intend to implement more advanced mapping tools that can display varying data layers, offering insights into different aspects of the Project Universe environment.
  • VR/AR Integration: Long-term, the goal is to make the map accessible in VR/AR formats, providing an immersive way for users to explore and interact with the map. This will be part of our effort to integrate more cutting-edge technology into the user experience.

Note to Users and Developers:

  • The current map functionality is basic and serves as the foundation for more complex features. We appreciate your patience as we develop and roll out these enhancements. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome to help improve the map’s utility and user interface.