A tool/weapon that propels a metal or other projectile by means of a rapidly expanding gas, generated by the combustion of a propellant. They consist of the following components:

  • Barrel
    • Longer barrels may provide more accuracy and velocity but can be heavier and harder to maneuver.
    • Shorter barrels may sacrifice accuracy and velocity for increased mobility.
  • Firing Mechanism
    • Semi-automatic weapons require a trigger pull for each shot fired.
    • Burst fire weapons fire a predetermined number of rounds with one trigger pull.
    • Fully automatic weapons fire as long as the trigger is held down.
    • Each firing mode affects accuracy, recoil, and ammunition consumption.
  • Stock
    • Different stock types can affect accuracy, recoil, and mobility.
    • Adjustable stocks may allow for customization based on player preferences.
  • Grip
    • Different grip types can affect control, accuracy, and recoil.
    • Ergonomic grips may reduce recoil and increase control.
  • Magazine
    • Magazine capacity affects how often the player needs to reload.
    • Different magazine types may affect reload speed and weight.
  • Projectile
    • Different types of projectiles (e.g. armor-piercing, hollow-point, tracer) can affect damage, accuracy, and penetration.
  • Propellant
    • Different types of propellants may affect muzzle velocity, accuracy, and recoil.
  • Cartridge
    • Different types of cartridges (e.g. rimfire, centerfire, bottleneck) may affect the reliability and durability of the weapon.
        <name variant="full">Avtomat Kalashnikova-47</name>
        <name variant="short">AK-47</name>
    <measurement_system>metric</measurement_system><!-- imperial or metric -->
    <bullet diameter="7.62" length="39" grain="123"/>
    <fire_modes semi-auto="true" burst="3" full-auto="true"/><!-- burst "0" disables burst -->
        <magazine capacity="30"/>models/ak47_magazine_30.fbx</magazine>
        <magazine capacity="40"/>models/ak47_magazine_40.fbx</magazine>
        <magazine capacity="75"/>models/ak47_magazine_75.fbx</magazine>
        <magazine capacity="100"/>models/ak47_magazine_100.fbx</magazine>
        <model LOD="0">models/ak47_LOD0.fbx</model>
        <texture type="diffuse">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="specular">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="normal">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="bump">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="alpha">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="environment">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="displacement">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="height">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="occlusion">textures/</texture>
        <texture type="glossiness">textures/</texture>
        <animation type="idle">animations/ak47_idle.fbx</animation>
        <animation type="equip"/>animations/ak47_equip.fbx</animation>
        <animation type="unequip"/>animations/ak47_unequip.fbx</animation>
        <animation type="fire"/>animations/k47_fire.fbx</animation>
        <animation type="reload"/>animations/ak47_reload.fbx</animation>
        <animation type="aim"/>animations/ak47_aim.fbx</animation>
        <animation type="underbarrel_fire"/>animations/ak47_underbarrel_fire.fbx</animation>
        <animation type="underbarrel_reload"/>animations/ak47_underbarrel_reload.fbx</animation>
        <animation type="underbarrel_aim"/>animations/ak47_underbarrel_aim.fbx</animation>


Firearm Ammo


Shotshell – For shotguns


Primary component of smokeless powder, it provides the energy for the powder to combust and propel the bullet forward.

Single-Base (100%) Nitrocellulose (detonation velocity 7,300 m/s (23,950 ft/s), RE factor 1.10).

Double-Base (2-39%) Nitroglycerin (detonation velocity 7,700 m/s (25,260 ft/s), RE factor 1.54).

Triple-Base (TBD%) Nitroguanidine (detonation velocity TBD m/s (TBD ft/s), RE factor TBD). Typically not used in small arms, usually only tank guns and artillery.




Prevents or slows down self-decomposition.

Diphenylamine, petroleum jelly, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, sodium bicarbonate, and beta-Naphthol methyl ether.

Flash Inhibitors




Anti-static Coatings

A lubricant to cover the grains and prevent them from sticking together, and to dissipate static electricity.



Metal casings are for rifles/handguns, hulls are for shotshells (IE: shotguns.)

Casings are typically brass (83% copper, 17% zinc).

Hulls are typically plastic with a metal head.


Typically made from plastic. Paper wads exist, but are prone to moisture damage (swelling), which is bad for repeating shotguns.


Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

The FMJ is one of the most common ammunition and most popular you can buy. It has a soft metal center with a harder protective casing, or ‘jacket’, hence the name. They can be round, pointy, or flat in shape to cut small channels through a target. Good for short-range shooting, they are not always the best for distance or self-defense.

Hollow Point (HP)

Hollow-point bullets are called such as they have a hollow looking center. Designed to expand upon hitting a target, they are an excellent choice for unparalleled stopping power. Because of this, they are a popular self-defense choice.

Armor Piercing (AP)

These are generally an FMJ design with a spiral tip to provide the strength and core to pierce hard metal surfaces and armor. The core is often steel or tungsten.


size        - grains
.22LR - 40
.380 ACP - 147
.40 S&W - 180
9mm - 147
.45 ACP - 230
.38 Spl - 132
.375 Magnum - 158
7.62x39mm - 123
5.56x45mm - 55
.223 - 55
7.62x51mm - 150
.308 - 208
.50 BMG - 660


size - inch - mm
12 - .050 - 1.27
9 - .080 - 2.03
8.5 - .085 - 2.16
8 - .090 - 2.29
7.5 - .095 - 2.41
6 - .110 - 2.79
5 - .120 - 3.05
4 - .130 - 3.30
2 - .150 - 3.81
AR - .177 - 4.49
BB - .180 - 4.57
BBB - .190 - 4.83
T - .200 - 5.08
F - .220 - 5.59
#4 - .240 - 6.10
#3 - .250 - 6.35
#2 - .270 - 6.86
#1 - .300 - 7.62
#0 - .320 - 8.13
#00 - .330 - 8.38
#000 - .360 - 9.14
        <gauge bore_inches="0.729">12</gauge>
        <gauge bore_inches="0.662">16</gauge>
        <gauge bore_inches="0.615">20</gauge>
        <gauge bore_inches="0.550">28</gauge>
        <gauge bore_inches="0.505">32</gauge>
        <gauge bore_inches="0.410">410</gauge><!-- technically a caliber, not a bore -->
    <shell_length><!-- inches -->
        <length max_slug_ounces="1.375">3.5</length>
        <length max_slug_ounces="1">3</length>
        <length max_slug_ounces="0.75">2.75</length>
        <length max_slug_ounces="0.5">2.5</length>
        <size inches=".050">12</size>
        <size inches=".080">9</size>
        <size inches=".085">8.5</size>
        <size inches=".090">8</size>
        <size inches=".095">7.5</size>
        <size inches=".110">6</size>
        <size inches=".120">5</size>
        <size inches=".130">4</size>
        <size inches=".150">2</size>
        <size inches=".177">Air Rifle</size>
        <size inches=".180">BB</size>
        <size inches=".190">BBB</size>
        <size inches=".200">T</size>
        <size inches=".220">F</size>
        <size inches=".240">#4</size>
        <size inches=".250">#3</size>
        <size inches=".270">#2</size>
        <size inches=".300">#1</size>
        <size inches=".320">#0</size>
        <size inches=".330">#00</size>
        <size inches=".360">#000</size>
        <type>magnesium</type><!-- dragons breath -->
        <name>Firearm Propellant Single-Base Pistol</name>
        <chemical id="nitrocellulose" percentage="100"/>
    <burnrate ips="8"/>

        <name>Firearm Propellant Single-Base Shotgun</name>
        <chemical id="nitrocellulose" percentage="100"/>
    <burnrate ips="12"/>

        <name>Firearm Propellant Single-Base Rifle</name>
        <chemical id="nitrocellulose" percentage="100"/>
    <burnrate ips="30"/>

        <name>Firearm Propellant Double-Base 60/40</name>
        <chemical id="nitrocellulose" percentage="60"/>
        <chemical id="nitroglycerin" percentage="40"/>
    <burnrate ips="35"/>

        <name>Firearm Propellant Double-Base 50/50</name>
        <chemical id="nitrocellulose" percentage="50"/>
        <chemical id="nitroglycerin" percentage="50"/>
    <burnrate ips="50"/>
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