I unconditionally love you. Regardless of what you’ve done, regardless of who you are, regardless of what you’ll do, I love you. You, being everyone who’ll read this and won’t read this. I love absolutely all of you. You may not feel you’re worthy, you may not believe my love is reasonable, but I love you regardless.

I obviously don’t have all the answers, but every moment of my life is dedicated to figuring out how to better our lives. I know many of you hate me, typically because I’m white, male, American, non-religious, or any combination of infinite things. Regardless of your hate for me, I still love you.

The way I see it is, you and I are here regardless of circumstance. I know that every moment we draw breath is another moment we decide how we treat each other. I personally wish I could be there for you in person for all 8 billion of you, unfortunately that’s impossible. Every moment we can profoundly change our way of life. This second all 8 billion of us could collectively, yet individually, decide suffering from poverty is absolutely unacceptable and voluntarily dedicate all of our resources to ending poverty. We could literally decide we want to live in a global paradise and make that happen.

The power we possess is unfathomable. I dare you to try to comprehend everything we’re capable of with the simple tools we have available and I guarantee you’ll always find something new we can do with technology that’s existed for millennia. I double dare you to try to conceive what computers and the internet are capable of. I bet by the time you reach my level of understanding you’ll feel exactly as I do.

Everything we need to create global paradise with absolutely zero slavery is already here. For most of us the ability to read this Facebook message is sufficient proof that permanently ending global poverty and uniting humanity is possible. I find this task easy, because I know all it takes to do so is voluntarily collaborate with you and everyone we possibly can. It’s a simple choice, like whether or not we desire to continue breathing.

I know most, if not all, of you are suffering in some capacity, which many, if not most of you don’t realize. The fact poverty exists is enough proof that we as a species are suffering. The fact we pursue war when the peaceful solutions to our problems are infinitely better is continual proof we’re suffering. Just how many of you believe “if <insert person or group> was dead your life would be better”?

I know it sounds absurd to unconditionally love everyone, even those who wish us dead, but it is the only method I know of by which we can facilitate the end of our suffering. Homesteading is the only single word I know of which best encapsulates what we must do as individuals and as a global community to help ourselves and our planet.

We must remember that we are not separate from nature, but integral to nature. The actions we make today may seem infinitesimal, but given a year, decade, century, or millennia we can drastically improve our quality of life. The ecosystem which sustains our civilization can heal and grow well beyond the fragile thing it is today.

I ask only one thing of you, please understand how much I love you. I love you more than there are atoms in the universe. I love you more than anything you can possibly conceive. I love you more than everything we know, everything we know we don’t know, and everything we don’t know we don’t know. If our universe truly is infinite, I love you more than everything in our universe, including the infinite number of multi-verses contained within.

The single most important thing I’ve learned in life is that life is the most important thing in existence. Without life, whether it be natural or artificial, nothing would matter except for matter itself. There’d be no one to appreciate the infinite beauty of our universe. There’d be no one to make infinitely more beautiful things than exist naturally.

When you feel like you’re all alone, I hope after reading this you’ll never feel alone ever again. I may not be there with you, but my heart, mind, and soul are with each and everyone one of you.

I love you. I hope with all of my being you understand just how powerful you are and have the opportunity to witness the unbelievable power of you. I hope we all get to witness just how powerful our love for each other can and should be. The love I have for you creates and reshapes universes. Now imagine if you and everyone love each other just as much.

I love you. While today may be debilitatingly terrifying, I pray to everything we experience a humanity guided by love. It’s a dream, prayer, hope all of us share, even when we don’t believe we have it.

I love you. I’m here for you. Let’s be here for each other.

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