Hacked Accounts

On 2023 March 13 an individual on Discord sent me a message requesting I beta test the game they’re developing; turns out it was malware. I’ve been voluntarily helping/teaching video game development since 2006 via various online platforms, this is the first time in the 17 years I’ve been doing this that someone sent me malware disguised as a game needing beta testing. I’ve been trusting to a fault, because I’ve always hoped people would see that I’m openly trusting and show me the same respect.

Lessons learned:

  1. Always run any files from unverified sources in a virtual machine. This way they don’t get access to ALL the programs and files on your computer.
  2. Upon learning someone has used malware to access your computer via remote desktop immediately shutdown your computer. They can remote in and clone the display so you’re unaware they’re actually doing anything. You may see a brief flicker, which can appear as though apps are updating. As long as the computer is on they’re able to manipulate it.
  3. Linking multiple accounts together using single-sign-on (like signing onto Instagram via Facebook) grants hackers access to all those linked accounts. With a single Discord QR code sign-in the hacker gained access to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Gmail, Yahoo, and Coinbase.

While I’ve regained access to most of my accounts, as of 2023 March 20 I still do not have access to my Discord and Twitter accounts. Since March 13th I’ve reported the incident to the IC3, Discord, and Twitter support multiple times with updates. The official Keen Software House Discord community and developers are supporting me in any capacity they can. Countless many more are helping me in any capacity they can.

At this point in time recovering my accounts entirely depends on Discord and Twitter as I’ve exhausted everything I can do.

To the hacker who may actually read this, please return my accounts. They are how I barely provide a living for myself and voluntarily help countless people across the globe. Everything I have are gifts/donations from my community supporting me. I do not have money to pay the ransom you’ve requested for my accounts. I’ve been suffering from debilitating intestinal bleeding since May 2016 and have been self-employed since due to being incapable of reliably working a consistent schedule. I’ve been bedridden majority of the time since then. You’re directly affecting my ability to survive. Please reach out to me via Facebook, Instagram, ErectRooster who you’ve been talking to on Discord, and/or email (contact@shaostoul.com)

To everyone who’s been negatively affected by my hacked accounts, I’m deeply regretful for what’s happened and am doing everything in my power to rectify the situation. I pray none of you have fallen victim and lost money to this incident.

To everyone who’s helping me, thank you for supporting me. It’s because of you I believe this situation will inevitably be resolved. I may not regain access to my original accounts, but I know that whatever I do afterwards you have my back. You are the reason I continue to help people voluntarily, researching and developing means of permanently ending poverty via Project Universe, and ultimately uniting humanity.

With sincere unconditional love,
Michael “Shaostoul” Boisson

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