The organizations listed below are communities I’m a part of and have aided in Project Universe’s development to some degree. This is an incomplete list; if I’m part of your community or you would like me to be let me know via one of the contact methods available! Humanity is a conglomeration of individuals and groups creating this unfathomably beautiful tapestry that is our civilization. Combined together we’re far more capable than we ever are apart.

PBR Materials, HDRIs, and 3D Scans shared as public domain.

Community supporting indie devs; wants to feel like a second home.

Real-time visual effects tools for the discerning artist.

Independent game development studio aiming to create games that are based on real science, real facts, real physics and real emotions.

Crafters of innovative games designed by gamers, for gamers.

A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sanitation, public health, and environmental sustainability within homeless encampments in Washington State.

Community dedicated to spreading Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. You can expect news, reviews, comedy, and in depth analysis on different facets of VR/AR.

A community of transhumanists who utilize VR to connect and collaborate. We’re interested in using reason, science, technology, and a problem-solving mindset to overcome biological limitations, improve lives, and help ensure the future of humanity is a bright one.

A peer-to-peer game distribution and development platform.

An indie studio located in Calgary – Canada that lives for the passion of creating video games.