Been learning how to use DALL-E to generate concept art for the game and ChatGPT for general assistance with business, game, and web development. Regardless of “brand” the AI needs “prompts” to generate content aka blueprints; this website and the Unity-based video game are the blueprints developed by volunteers in our community. AI needs humanity to live; humanity doesn’t/shouldn’t need electricity to live an enjoyable life; AI makes tedious tasks humanity needs to do easier.

Gradually AI makes adding and/or modding game content easier for us, including you. Imagine any plant, animal, outfit, armor, weapon, vehicle, unique map with its own lore, and infinitely more! 

Configured properly AI can be used to generate many different files used in game development such as, but not limited to:

  • Code
    • .txt
    • .xml
    • .bat
  • 3D models
    • .blend
    • .obj
    • .fbx
  • Images
    • .dds
    • .png
    • .gif
  • Videos
    • .mkv
    • .mp4
    • .mov

AI’s quality forever continue increasing as long as we/humanity develop it.