Sponsor-A-Can Cart patrol Standard Operating Procedure


To safely and efficiently collect, clean, and return wayward business shopping carts scattered around town.

Team Requirements:

  • Ideal team size: 3 people
  • Minimum team size: 2 people
  • No solo runs

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Nitrile gloves
  • High visibility vests
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Face masks (optional)

Equipment Needed:

  • Vehicle with trailer
  • Cleaning supplies (brushes, disinfectants)
  • Pressure washer (via Klean Freak Car Wash)
  • Trash bags


  1. Preparation:
    • Ensure all team members are wearing the required PPE.
    • Verify vehicle and trailer are in good working condition.
    • Load necessary cleaning supplies and trash bags into the vehicle.
  2. Collection:
    • Drive around designated areas to locate wayward shopping carts.
    • Use caution when handling carts that may contain hazardous materials.
    • Remove any debris, feces, human waste, and dangerous substances such as used fentanyl paraphernalia.
    • Collect carts and securely load them onto the trailer.
  3. Transportation:
    • Transport collected carts to the designated washing station (Klean Freak Car Wash).
  4. Cleaning:
    • At the washing station, use the pressure washer to clean each cart thoroughly.
    • Remove any debris, feces, human waste, and dangerous substances such as used fentanyl paraphernalia.
    • Ensure all carts are disinfected and safe to handle.
  5. Return:
    • Once cleaned, transport the carts back to their respective businesses (e.g., Target, Safeway, Home Depot).
    • Unload and neatly organize the carts in the designated return area of each business.
  6. Post-Run:
    • Dispose of any trash or hazardous materials collected during the run in appropriate receptacles @ Silverdale Recycling & Garbage Facility
    • Clean and disinfect any equipment used.
    • Remove and properly dispose of single-use / damaged PPE.

Safety Reminders:

  • Always work in pairs or teams; never perform a solo run.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and potential hazards.
  • Handle all materials, especially hazardous ones, with care.
  • Report any incidents or unsafe conditions to the team leader immediately.
  • Don’t stand over and compact down trash bags into cans due to potentially hazardous materials contained within.

Contact Information: For questions or emergencies, contact [Sponsor-A-Can Coordinator Name] at [Phone Number] or [Email Address].

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