Shaostoul Social Purpose Corporation
Shaostoul SPCorp
Shaostoul SPC

SPC Definition

Per official Washington State law a Social Purpose Corporation places a social purpose (such as saving the environment or ending global poverty) above the purpose of making a profit.

More information on 501commons and Wikipedia.

Our Purpose

Develop the community, infrastructure, resources, tools necessary to permanently end poverty in pursuit of uniting humanity. Ideally we unite humanity before we begin colonizing other planets some time between 2025-2040.


By voluntarily collaborating (regardless of our differences) we (humanity) can accomplish seemingly impossible things! Uniting humanity is essentially you & I agreeing not to harm each other. By joining Project Universe you’re promising to evolve beyond pettiness.

We won’t harm you, don’t harm us!

By collaborating voluntarily we render money a non-issue. Courtesy of voluntary donations/investments we already have all the necessary resources to complete the software development aspects of Project Universe.


We want to. We have the time & incentive to aid in humanity’s betterment. Many of us are contributing by performing our hobbies. For most us this is a fulfilling challenge with friends. Some of us aren’t doing well health wise & this is an easy way to make a difference without requiring a lot of energy.