Bethesda broke mods, again, now I must embark on a mighty quest to restore the Masterwork Architecture Pack mod I originally made for Fallout 4 back in 2016.


Quest completed 2024 May 12

Apparently Bethesda some how corrupted some gallery images for mods which made them crash when people tried to load them; the mod itself was perfectly fine. The fix was simple, go to the mod page, find the offending image, delete it. After that the mod loaded right up!

Affected Mods:


  1. Install Fallout 4 (complete)
  2. Download modding tools/software/files (complete)
  3. Learn what broke and how to fix it
  4. Implement then upload fix
  5. Ask volunteers to test

Feel free to post your comments, concerns, suggestions, questions here or join my Discord to do so!

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