Dear businesses, this offer will never expire allowing you to join when you’re ready, you may review a list of our business partners on the contributors page. Most benefits are provided at no cost, if a benefit requires payment the price will be publicly listed. All businesses that become our partners prior to the release and activation of the virtual mall will be permanently recognized as founding contributors and will receive many additional benefits for free or at a reduced cost. Once the mall goes live founding contributor status will no longer be available, all benefits will remain accessible to all businesses, none shall receive exclusive rights to any particular feature to provide everyone a fair and equal opportunity.

What we offer

  • A rapidly growing global community of businesses, developers, and users. Our audience is all of humanity.
  • A virtual mall providing access to our business partners and other services within the game.
  • A staff of dedicated talented individuals focused on research and development.
  • A growing list of benefits
    • Affiliates+ are recognized listed on our contributors page.
    • Affiliates+ are represented within the virtual mall providing advertisement and sales.
    • Investors/Sponsors will receive other benefits including, but not limited to:
      • The naming and design of key characters, locations, vehicles, weapons, and colony spacecraft.
      • Personalized design of in-game representation per the businesses request.

What you offer

  • Retailers – provide an affiliate link to connect to and track orders sent to you through the game. We’ll be sending traffic your way through the virtual mall.
  • News Agencies – provide means of announcing important events, vetted agencies receive a seal of approval for the high-quality of their content. Users choose who the watch/listen to.
  • eSports Agencies – provide input to ensure a high-quality casting experience and the tools necessary to make eSports casting as easy as possible.
  • Streamers – are the backbone of our public relations, we’ll be working closely with them to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality gaming experience possible.
  • Game Studios – provide other means of entertainment while having access to all of the benefits we provide, such as account security and advertisement. Players will be rewarded for completing other studios games with Project Universe content, similar to achievements, but more useful.
  • Movies/TV – not everyone wants to play video games, we will work closely with all media companies to ensure everyone can watch what they want, when they want, how they want, without the need for advertisements.

Investors & Sponsors – Funding makes things easy and provides all the equipment we need to do our job right.

  • Rewards/benefits are determined by amount invested, on a first come first served basis, and tailored to your preference.
  • The necessity of investors/sponsors drops significantly once the virtual mall is live, resulting is less benefits we may be able to provide.

This proposal will continue to evolve and change to accommodate anything that comes our way. Join us as we shape the world of tomorrow.


Michael “Shaostoul” Boisson