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We are in early development, expect bugs/changes, please provide feedback.

Voluntary Radiation Exposure Is Inadvisable

While intentionally exposing yourself to radiation is typically seen as a bad idea there might come a time where you need to. If you’re using a nuclear reactor to power your homeship you’ll inevitably have to deal with radiation, just don’t forget to pack your best radiation suit.

Danger: Low Power

Whether it be intentional, you’ve run out of fuel/battery power, been attacked resulting in the need to enact repairs, or something else, a ship without power is a dangerous place. The most obvious threat is you’re now running out of oxygen and may not have access to more until restoring power.

The Time Before Maps

Currently there’s no map system for navigating spacecraft. We want to add one eventually, but there’s more we have to do before we can. For now you can navigate the craft using the door signs.

Inventory Management Is Tricky

We want to give players the best control of their character, character’s equipment/inventory, homeship’s inventory, and so forth. Ideally it’ll be as user friendly as possible, especially when players start gathering large amounts of resources.

The Main Menu Revealed

The first version of the main menu is revealed! This will change as the game develops, but everything’s gotta start some where.