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Breaker Rooms for Power

Another step down the power chain allowing finer control of whether a door, light, machine, hydroponics, or something else receives power.

Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear reactors use radioactive material (IE: Uranium-235) to boil water creating steam spinning turbines generating reliably consistent electricity. Nuclear reactors are steam engines. There are multiple ways of dealing with nuclear waste. The simplest is ejecting them into space. There’s fungus which consumes radiation. We can turn it into ammunition with better penetration than lead.

Steam to Electricity

Regardless of how we generate steam (nuclear, coal, solar, or otherwise) we harness its power by spinning turbines to generate electricity.

Atmo Boxes

Whether it’s in space or on Earth humans require a specific type of atmosphere to live. These atmo boxes let us know the oxygen level, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and toxicity level of the room we’re in and/or entering. We don’t want to accidentally enter a room exposed to the vacuum of space without wearing our spacesuit!