This page is meant to provide a brief overview of various useful websites that I’ve either personally used, were suggested by others, or added by ChatGPT while I was creating the database. The rating column is not currently functional. Some info may be incorrect, please let me know if/when you find errors.

  • Name: The name of the website.
  • URL: The website’s URL.
  • Affiliate: Any affiliate link associated with the website.
  • Description: A brief description of the website.
  • Free: Whether the website offers all features for free (BOOLEAN).
  • Freemium: Whether the website offers a free version with limited features and paid version for full access (BOOLEAN).
  • Trial: Whether the website offers a trial period before requiring payment (BOOLEAN).
  • Paid: Whether the website requires payment for full access (BOOLEAN).
  • Category: The category of the website (e.g., “Education”, “Development”, “E-commerce”).
  • Features: Key features of the website.
  • Rating: A rating or review score (DECIMAL).
  • Languages: Languages supported by the website.
  • App: Whether the website has a mobile app (BOOLEAN).
  • Origin: The country where the website is based.
  • Founded: The year the website was founded (YEAR).

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