NOTICE: This website is a Work-In-Progress (W.I.P.) All content will change significantly as Project Universe develops. Feedback is welcome!


Project Universe

Project Universe is similar to the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, but real, free, open-source, and has more features! The digital encylopedia we’re developing consists of this website and a “video game” eventually able to be installed on sufficiently powerful smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, standalone AR/VR headsets, and everywhere we can! You can play test the game yourself by downloading Unity, then downloading our latest build on GitHub. There are currently no stand-alone EXEcutable files available allowing you to test our game without installing Unity.

The game is set in our future following humanity’s first ever interstellar fleet of generational colony spacecraft on a non-faster-than-light journey from Earth’s star Sol to our nearest neighbor Alpha Centauri. You, the player, are an ordinary crew member tasked with providing for yourself utilizing everything available off-planet. You start with a biodome-like spaceship featuring a ~1,000 square meter room somewhere within the spaceship mimicking building a homestead on Earth configured by you. From here you’ll learn about farming, gathering resources, turning raw resources into usable material, how to build a home, collecting and purifying water, generating energy in its various forms, go on dark forest expeditions to salvage alien technology, learning to sew, and everything else we can fit in.

Our first focus for game development is non-combat game-play, such as moving, inventory, equipping gear, building, farming, crafting, mining, socializing. Once the non-combat game-play is developed sufficiently we’ll focus our efforts towards combat with a solid foundation to build off of. We’re focusing on farming first, because the most people in real-life need all the help they can get to learn how to farm; especially those without their own land on which to practice farming.

The WordPress posts listed below function as templates for various video game features. They’re displayed this way so you, our community, can refine the quality of the files maximizing the quality of the game faster together. At this time the best way to coordinate with us as video game developers is by joining our Discord. You may comment on posts here, but with the rapid prototyping of the website happening at the moment, Discord is safer.


In real-life I’m learning how to turn my family’s home into an off-grid self-sustaining homestead. What I learn how to do in real-life is then replicated in the video game to the best of my ability. The game needs to be able to teach everyone regardless of skill level. The game-play needs to be as fun as possible, because the more we enjoy ourselves the better we learn.

The video game provides tools for homesteading tasks in real-life, such as automating the farming process. While it’ll be a while before full automation is achievable, we can make some of the farming process easier now. Eventually with robotics we can fully automate the farming process.

Below is the infinitely repeated schedule I attempt to follow for maximizing quality of life. Life has a way of making following schedules exactly impossible, but it’s always nice to have a plan. This schedule is subject to change as my situation changes.

1975 Chevrolet Nova Custom

In 2008 I bought my car for $4,000 becoming its third owner. It came to me with 33,000 miles on it; the person who originally bought it was old and barely drove it and the second owner bought it as a project car and never got around to it. It was originally avocado green, but after the side stripping came off it formed rust streaks down the paint. I tried to stop the rust by sanding down the damaged spots and painting over it many years ago, but it needs more work; there are visible rust holes beneath the rear quarter windows. Currently the front bench seat is removed so I can fix the driver’s side door presently stuck shut. I plan on calling a locksmith at some point. I’m a homebody, I don’t drive anywhere, so my car is low priority.