Game Design Document

IntroTable of Contents (ToC)1: Lore1.1: Setting1.2: Story2: Home Ship (HS)2.1: Mall2.1.1: Store Front2.1.2: Kiosk (WIP)2.1.2: Ramps & Elevators2.1.3: Observation Deck2.2: Home (Standard)2.3: Home (Farm)2.4: Cargo Deck
This is the Game Design Document (GDD) for Project Universe (PU), what you see here is the heavily work-in-progress (WIP) development (dev) plan that outlines how various aspects of the project are going to function. This is to give anyone interested in the project a quick overview of how the game should play in the future. The information that is being added to this document is what we’re working on right now and then we’ll begin expanding to features we’re planning for once this document is caught up with progress. The last update to this GDD was 4/14/2019.

NOTE: During the development of PU we will integrate as many real-world businesses and services as possible allowing players to purchase goods or services from various companies around the world and have them shipped to their homes. To learn more check our business proposal and Mall, Store Front, and Kiosk subsections in this GDD.

1: Lore
– 1.1: Setting
– 1.2: Story
2: Home Ship (HS) – as a whole, excluding the subsections.
– 2.1: Mall
— 2.1.1: Store Front
— 2.1.2: Kiosk
— 2.1.3: Ramps & Elevators
— 2.1.4: Observation Deck
– 2.2: Home (Farm)
– 2.3: Home (Standard)
– 2.4: Cargo Deck
In the following subsections we’ll outline various aspects of the games lore to help paint a clearer picture.
Far in the future humanity has finally acquired the ability to explore our galaxy, but do not possess Faster Than Light (FTL) travel and have to overcome this in another fashion. The solution was to build these massive colony ships called generation ships! These allow us to traverse the stars without the need for cryogenic freezing or hyper sleep, but come at the cost of significantly longer travel times. Alpha Centauri is our nearest real solar system and on average it is 4.3 Light Years (LY) away from us, this means if we were going 100% the speed of light, it will take us 4.3 years to get there, but we can’t travel FTL. The exact speed of our fleet is still in debate, but we’re planning around 20% the speed of light as the colony fleets first capable speed. As the story progresses we will introduce new technologies through our own Research & Development (R&D) or we will reverse engineer from aliens that we introduce through-out the game that will provide the players with cool new technology (teleportation, FTL, etc.)
The year is WIP and humanity has begun colonizing solar systems on their trek towards the center of the Milky Way galaxy towards a cluster of solar systems perfect for colonizing quickly. The players are aboard the first colony fleet and are experiencing our galaxy for the first time. As the fleet comes across colonizable planets they send a group of colonizers down to setup a new home for humans and the colony fleet continues on their way without that colonizer group. The colonizers remain on the planet and establish a foothold for humanity. The players remain with the fleet and are in charge of supplying all of the resources necessary to rebuild and stock a new colonizer group. Players will be growing food, mining asteroids, and even exploring derelict stations and spaceships along the way of unknown origins, where they will encounter new aliens and technology.

NOTE: When the game releases is when the main story will be playable. There will be story building prior to this, but the main story will not be available until release.

Our story begins all of a sudden when humanity passes through a barrier that slows down the whole fleet causing chaos and many ships to explode. The players find themselves in a solar system sized Dyson sphere with a barrier connecting massive stations together that make up the sphere. As a scout craft attempts to leave the barrier they are blown up by an electrical surge from barrier and this is when humanity realizes they’re prisoners in this solar system for the time being.

As humanity turns its eyes towards the rest of the solar system they see a series of planets and three stars in the center with one in the dead center, one towards the top center and bottom center. You get the idea that this solar system is not natural, but is instead manufactured, but for what purpose? You begin scanning what’s around and see that one of the planets is surrounded by a massive debris field surrounding it. The planet it’s surrounding is a larger than Earth desert planet and the debris field appears to be from a huge variety of different species. As you’re gathering data a massive orb of light begins building up near the debris surrounded planet and after a few hours a massive laser tears through a portion of the fleet killing a large section, it strikes the barrier violently, but does not penetrate. You scramble together to get the fleet to safety and begin speeding off towards your destination. The players are now free to roam their spaceships and do whatever it is they choose. Tons of new options open up to the players and we begin telling the story of how humanity hopefully survives.

WIP HS Concept
 – Height: 64 Meters (104.987 Feet)
 – Width: 382 Meters (1253.28 Feet)
 – Length: 555 Meters (1820.87 Feet)
Section: Mall
– Description:
The whole blue and teal middle section that looks like a repeating H. This is where the Mall (teal + 1 blue floor above it) and standard homes (blue) reside, it is one big open mall like structure that has many bridges going from one side to the other, while maintaining an open and claustrophobic-friendly design.
Section: Home (Farm)

– Description: The green grid sections, they make up the Farm Home and are comprised of 3 separate levels. There are 5 modules on each side of the HS, meaning there are 10 total modules on this present design.
Section: Home (Standard)
– Description: Above the mall section and are exclusively in the blue zone.
Section: Cargo Deck
– Description: The yellow section at the bottom that is for cargo and not generic civilian traffic.
Highlighted BLUE room dimensions are 49 by 25 Meters (~160 by ~82 Feet) when you mirror the selection to the other side. This is where players that want to farm will set up their shops (using the tiling system GUI) (NOTE: Not all players need to run a farm, there will be a plethora of other game modes to entertain and allow you to acquire loot and currency.)
Not-highlighted BLUE corner room dimensions are 24 by 25 Meters (~78 by ~82 Feet). This is where miscellaneous features will be implemented, IE: With a game console manufacturers permission (Sony, Nintendo, Xbox, mobile games, etc.) we will turn each room into their own arcade. Players will be able to play games virtually through PU (Pokemon, DOOM, Guild Wars, etc.) as if they’re playing on the console in real-life.

Highlighted TEAL room dimensions are 49 by 25 Meters (~160 by ~82 Feet) when you mirror the selection to the other side. This is where big stores (Lowe’s, Target, Newegg, Best Buy, Albertsons, Safeway, etc.) could have their in-game stores for you to buy virtual and real world products that you can have shipped to your house.
Not-highlighted TEAL corner room dimensions are 20 by 24 Meters (~65 by ~78 Feet). This is where small stores (Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, Hot Topic, GameStop, Games Workshop, etc.) could sell their merchandise. There will be in-game displays where you can browse that can also be triggered to bring up 3D models to be displayed on stands allowing you to walk around a particular item, you can get a very good look at how what you’re purchasing will look in real-life before you click buy.

Highlighted middle TEAL room dimensions are 106 by 111 Meters ( ~347 by ~364 Feet). This massive section can be reconfigured as needed to accommodate a larger retailers needs as requested. The left and right large retail shops can be “connected” to represent a single massive retailer (Amazon, Wish, AliExpress) allowing them a massive area to display their goods with dimensions at 158 by 49 Meters (518.373 by 160.761  Feet) for a total of 7,742 Square Meters (~82,880 Square Feet) for a single store!

NOTE: These are created free of charge to any company/business that collaborates with us and each one will receive their own carefully crafted to their specifications store on a case by case basis. Companies that sponsor or provide goods/services to Project Universe will be served first. We will have templates available soon to show examples of what these will look like in-game. We’re creating a video game and there are limitless possibilities for modification as necessary to fit the companies exact specifications, with certain structural limitations.

TEAL floor sections are expandable across the whole TEAL area for retailers that want to display a lot of goods constantly OR some company can just use the walled in store which will provide sufficient enough floor space for most any retailer.

BLUE floor sections are expandable across the whole BLUE as well, but provide an even larger area for them to use for their own purposes. This area will be visible first to any players that are entering the mall area. We will likely be putting sponsors here to show our appreciate and make sure they get front and center advertising to our players.

NOTE: These are created free of charge to any company/business that collaborates with us and each one will receive their own carefully crafted to their specifications store on a case by case basis. Companies that sponsor or provide goods/services to Project Universe will be served first. We will have templates available soon to show examples of what these will look like in-game. We’re creating a video game and there are limitless possibilities for modification as necessary to fit the companies exact specifications.

The whole TEAL center section is for kiosks. Once we have some kiosk templates created they’ll be uploaded here. These kiosks will be similar to any real-world kiosk that you see in your local mall. These are mostly for companies that do not need a large footprint to display a lot of information. These will likely be used for various companies (T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Zagg, Steam, Epic Games, etc.) to provide quick and ready access to various services in use by players already. There is a lot of space for kiosks and we can provide them on what the user has access to geographically.

The BLUE hallways/ramps that you see are ramps that allow players to climb up and down the ship, should it run out of power for whatever reason. These are there for the sake of thoroughness and realism purposes. We want to provide as many methods to get around as possible, but we plan on adding unpowered versions like this every where.
The bridges coming from the hallways/ramps will have elevators to allow players to quickly ascend and descend the mall area. They are not modeled at this present time, but will be created as soon as we’re in-game and can actually get them to function.

This top most BLUE floor is the observation allowing players to look out into space to see what is going on or just to stargaze. This area will likely have a few kiosks and various role-play elements, such as seating, restaurants, and other stuff providing players a scenic place to hang out and chat. The layout of this area will likely change some as the rest of the spaceship gets designed, however this is a key feature to be implemented as it will provide us a fantastic stage to do very cool special event stuff, such as the launch of the game and its story.

Highlight BLUE room dimensions are 25 by 24 Meters (~82 by ~78 Feet) for a total of 600 Square Meters (~6458 Square Feet). This is a lot of space to create your own personal home and greater than most standard suburban homes. The house I (Shaostoul) live in is 3200 square feet and can comfortably house 4 couples, it’s a comfortable amount of space even with 8 people in the house at only 3200 Sq Ft.  This is where most players will store their trophies and other things they want to show off. They do not need to store any cargo in their home, that is taken care of on the cargo deck. You will be able to put all kinds of functionality extending modules within your own home. IE: If you are a fan of comics, you can have a comic book room. If you enjoy playing console games, you’ll be able to sit at a TV in-game (up to 3 meters tall) and play your favorite console games, even in VR if you wanted! This essentially turns your bedroom in our game into a new game launcher, while potentially providing you benefits within PU.
GREEN/BLUE floor is the farming area. This is where you will plant/harvest crops, this is not the only way to gain resources, currency, or loot. You may hire AI staff (NPC humans or robots) to tend to your garden. You may grow whatever you wish here, but it is encouraged you watch the global market to make sure you’re growing what the community needs, as price is determined by supply and demand. Some very expensive resources you will not be able to gather through the use of a farm alone.

TEAL floor is the player home. Similar to the standard home, but with more room, at the cost of having to use it for actual reasons, instead of just having a large home area. You will have to use some of this place for machinery and other manufacturing and assembly purposes. You may also have to use the large front door as the player shop, depending on how saving/loading works in the long run.

YELLOW floor is the cargo deck and farming player storage area. You will be able to display any of your vehicles, mechs, cargo, or anything else here, but you can also use the generic player storage. The benefit of running a farm is it’s all tightly packed together and you can actually watch your cargo in your storage bay. The bottom left of the cargo bay is a hangar door area that is presently in the debating stage, it may or may not make it into the final product.

Yellow floor dimensions are 148 by 110 and 20 Meters tall (~485 by ~360 and ~65 Feet). This is a massive corridor allow for mechs just under 20 meters tall to walk freely and for cargo to be moved around as necessary. You will be able to see goods being transported from one area to another as jobs arise for storage relocation. This doesn’t really have any game function, it’s more for the “realism” side of things for transporting stuff around.