Below is a list of everyone that has signed up to participate in the development of Project Universe by filling out an application on our Discord server. Some names are omitted for privacy until they are paid for their work.

Name Alias Patreon Volunteer
Michael Boisson Shaostoul <link> Yes
Erin Walker Aryx3D <link> Yes
Hidden Doomlord <link>
Hidden Gwindalmir N/A  
Hidden Blue Knight N/A  
Hidden Dr. Ichiskyn <link>
Timothy Anderton The Sage Of Games <link> Yes
Jeremiah McGregor KhorneSyrup <link> Yes
Hidden Horatio N/A Yes
Hidden WardenWolf N/A  
Hidden Penumbra N/A  
Liam Barret SilentRetr0 <link> Yes
Hidden nukeguard <link>
Hugh Slatter GV N/A Yes
Nathan Ruesch HaloReach252 <link> Yes
Hidden AlyKat N/A  
Piotr Kowalski Peter Hammerman <link> Yes
Hidden Capac Amaru <link>
Hidden awsomestar111 <link>
Hidden Oren – [Avatar_Phoenix] N/A  
Hidden Chloe <link>
Hidden NexusNull <link>
Hidden aves N/A  
Hidden Spharax <link>
Hidden Some_Stranger N/A  
Paul Glaubitz Bauluo <link> Yes
Hidden Xero N/A  
Hidden Sir Wulfe N/A  
Hidden justizin N/A  
Ryan OfficerRiot <link> Yes
Hidden LeoDez N/A  
Hidden schorschie <link>
Hidden Shallows <link>
Hidden PhantomX N/A  
Mark Phillips RoShin <link> Yes
Hidden sergeynom <link>
Hidden ManyWhale N/A  
Hidden Yousif <link>
Hidden BadToxic <link>
Hidden KptKannon <link>
Hidden FoxyNessa <link>
Patrick McGuinness CMDR Ash <link> Yes
Hidden Tiitha <link> Yes
Doug Morton Zhordeus Rexxios <link> Yes
Tami Driscoll
Princess Buttknob N/A Yes