Business Proposal

Dear business owners, this is offer will never expire and you may join whenever you’re comfortable doing so. To review a list of our current business partners that you’ll be joining go here. Most benefits will provided at no cost, if a benefit requires payment the price will be publicly listed. All businesses that become our partners prior to the release and activation of the virtual mall will be permanently recognized as founding members and will receive many additional benefits for free or at a reduced cost. Once the mall goes live late 2019 and begins producing income founding member status will no longer be available. All services and benefits will remain accessible to all businesses, none shall receive exclusive rights to any particular feature as to provide the best experience to our users.

What we offer – As it stands as of mid-2019.
  • A rapidly growing global community of businesses and users. Our audience is all of humanity.
  • A virtual mall providing seamless access to all our contributing business partners and many other services.
  • A staff of dedicated hardworking talented individuals focused on the research and development of Project Universe
  • A growing list of benefits determined by the contributions of our business partners.
    • Affiliates+ receive mention on our list of contributors on our website.
    • Affiliates+ gain in-game representation within the virtual mall providing advertisement and sales.
      • This is the primary source of funding for the project.
    • Investors/Sponsors will receive other benefits including, but not limited to:
      • The naming of key characters, locations, vehicles, weapons, and colony spacecraft with-in the game.
      • Personalized representation per the businesses request and design. (This is discussed during negotiations)

What you offer – This is how various businesses can contribute.

  • Retailers – providing an affiliate link to track orders and provide commission is our primary source of income. You will be the primary beneficiaries of the virtual mall. You’re representation, advertising, and sales space is design for you at no cost. If you require something specific we can discuss it.
  • News Agencies – as our chroniclers you will record our endeavors and eventual ascendancy to the galactic playing field. You will be vetted and approved as official agencies for your honesty, trustworthiness, and accuracy in reporting. We will be broadcasting your agency to our global community within our game and on other services we will be providing later.
  • eSports – we will be working side by side to ensure that our involvement with eSports is a smooth and grand as possible. We will discuss what you need and want to provide you with the best experience possible. You will be important in establishing a solid eSports department and aid in determining events we attend, rewards for contest winners, and more.
  • Streamers – you are our backbone to public relations and gaining additional followers. It is okay if you’re are just starting out, you will grow and we’ll be there supporting you.
  • Government – the inevitable collaboration with world governments will aid in the deployment of our educational systems bringing people all across the globe up to speed and on the same playing field as one another in terms of education. There will likely be additional involvement, but that is hard to predict. We’ll see how this turns out.
  • Game Studios – we will be working closely with all game development studios and independent developers to ensure access to your games is provided securely through us. There will be many ways players will be able to access your products on the various digital media devices available. Join us and we’ll discuss how we will integrate your games.
  • Movies/TV – not everyone wants to play video games, we will work closely with all media companies to ensure everyone can watch what they want, when they want, how they want.

Essentially – Here it is simplified.

  • We provide you with all the services, tools, and various other benefits we can at no cost, except where cost is necessary.
  • You give us permission to mark you as a business partner. Retailers provide affiliate links so we can market your products in our virtual mall allowing you to receive revenue.

Investors & Sponsors – Funding makes things easy and provides all the equipment we need to do our job right.

  • To invest in Project Universe you must do so prior to the mall going live. Once the mall goes live the necessity for investors/sponsors drops significantly.
  • Do not wait to invest or sponsor our project, doing so prior to the mall going live will provide many exclusive benefits that will not be available afterwards.
  • Rewards/benefits are determined by amount invested, on first come first served basis, and tailored to your preference.

This proposal will continue to evolve and change to accommodate anything that comes our way. Join us as we shape the world of tomorrow.

Michael “Shaostoul” Boisson