Creator Information:

  1. First & Last Name:
    • Michael Boisson
  2. Email:
  3. Role on the Project:
    • Founder, CEO, manager, accountant, public relations, 2D artist, 3D artist, Unity developer, level designer, writer, game designer, web developer, social media manager…
  4. Project website:
  5. Country of Residence:
    • United States of America
  6. City of Residence:
    • Silverdale
  7. In what countries is your project being created:
    • Core team mostly USA; we have members from many countries irregularly contributing.
  8. Applicant Biography:
    • Born 29 January 1988 in Tampa, Florida at 3:12AM. First introduced to video games in 1992 at 4 years old. Began teaching myself game development in 1994 at 6 years old after my father inadvertently showed me we can modify games. Been voluntarily teaching game development/modding globally since 2006 after graduating high-school. Modded/taught modding for many games since then. Began modding/teaching modding for Space Engineers in 2014. Rendered bedridden via autoimmune health issues causing life-threatening intestinal bleeding in May 2016. After nearly dying via sepsis caused by autoimmune health issues I dedicated my life to humanity’s betterment upon returning home on 24 December 2017 after a week in the ICU. Invited to guest speak at Emerald City Comic Con; spoke about the benefits of video game modding on individuals, communities, & developers in March 2018; Marek Rosa the CEO of Keen Software House sponsored myself & a few other modders to go (video on my YouTube.) I’m always learning & trying new things, because I enjoy being challenged. Since birth I’ve learned about carpentry, welding, electronics, 3D printing, farming, robotics, how civilizations prosper, etc. My latest challenge: Permanently end/prevent poverty.
  9. Examples of previous work:
  10. What stage is your career in?
    • Professional/Advanced
  11. Company:
    • Shaostoul Social Purpose Corporation
  12. Company website:
  13. How did you hear about this grant?
    • Unity for Humanity Summit

Project details

  1. Project Title:
    • Project Universe
  2. Project Logline:
    • Develop a “video game” as means of intuitively disseminating knowledge & resources facilitating everyones individual self-sufficiency anywhere on & off Earth. Utilizing virtuality we refine the blueprints for self-sufficient living in reality.
  3. Project Genre/Medium: 
    • AI
    • AR
    • Game – Mobile
    • Game – Console
    • Game – PC
    • Interactive Design
    • Robotics
    • Visual art, Installation
    • VR
    • Mixed Reality
  4. Anticipated Completion date:
    • 29 January 2028
  5. Project summary:
    • Project Universe first addresses permanently ending and preventing poverty by creating an intuitive blended reality platform aka game facilitating anyones self-sufficiency. In the event we find ourselves isolated from other humans we need to be able to survive, through our game we can teach anyone anything anywhere on & off Earth, provide 3D models for 3D printing anything we could ever need or want, facilitate virtual social interaction, provide infinitely many forms of entertainment, etc. simultaneously.

      For “gameplay” we’re developing self-sufficient self-replicating homes capable of indefinitely sustaining anyone anywhere on & off Earth then building those designs in real-life. The game makes distributing building materials, labor, & everything else significantly easier. Additionally we’re able to rapidly test infinite designs virtually ensuring everyone loves the homes they can actually live in improving morale. Homes like these provide unfathomably many benefits for us & the defense of Earth’s ecosystem.

  6. Describe the impact theme, goals, or calls to action addressed within the project (Max 500 characters):
    • Primary goal is making becoming self-sufficient anywhere as easy as possible. With the IoT we need an intuitive interface tying all the things together. With everything functioning in unison we more efficiently facilitate everyone’s self-sufficiency.

      Every single person we get advocating, developing, supporting this accelerates our collective ability to build an infinitely scalable support network of self-sufficient self-replicating homes permanently ending and preventing poverty.

  7. Please select which of the below impact areas your project falls under (multiple select possible):
    • Digital Health & Well-being
    • Education
    • Environment & Sustainability
    • Inclusive Economic Opportunity
    • Inclusive Storytelling
  8. Please select the UN Sustainable Development Goals your project aligns with:
    • No Poverty
    • Zero Hunger
    • Good Health and Well-being
    • Quality Education
    • Gender Equality
    • Clean Water and Sanitation
    • Affordable and Clean Energy
    • Decent Work and Economic Growth
    • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
    • Reduced Inequality
    • Sustainable Cities and Communities
    • Responsible Consumption and Production
    • Climate Action
    • Life Below Water
    • Life on Land
    • Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
    • Partnerships to achieve the Goal
  9. Project Budget (Estimated total project budget):
    • $70,000/year/full-time developer with 4 full-time devs with 2028 estimated release date = $1,680,000 calculating from 1 January 2023
  10. Project Budget Gap (How much do you still need to raise to complete the project?)
    • $1,680,000
  11. What stage of production is the project currently in?
    • Development began 24 December 2017 with me learning how to prevent others from suffering from autoimmune health issues like I am. The best (poorly detailed) solution involves growing a wide variety of plants at our own homes via aquaponics/hydroponics for self-sufficiency; for the game I’m figuring out how-to teach realistic farming via easy to follow fun gameplay. Frequently learning about 3D printers, 3D printing filament, hemp, processing hemp into 3D printing filament, how to generate electricity using 3D printed parts & personally assembled generators, how to store that electricity, 3D printing hydroponic farms, 3D printed clothing, humanity’s always advancing tech, farming. Spend a lot of time advocating, learning, recruiting via social media.

      The actual video game downloadable on our GitHub is primarily being voluntarily developed by Patrick McGuinness in our Discord when he has the free time from his family & other job paying for the food on their table. We have a good portion of the non-combat gameplay mechanics functioning; now we’re combining them into a homeship as a minimum viable product for investors. The best working example of what we’re creating is the Space Rig from Deep Rock Galactic with additional features.

  12. Please list any key collaborators and partners:
    • None officially recognize us as their collaborators/partners.
  13.  Is your project associated with a non-profit or charitable in nature?
    • It’s charitable in nature. We’re voluntarily working on this & making it as free as possible. We’re doing this, because we believe it’s the right thing to do regardless of money.
  14. Has this project been supported by Unity for Humanity or Unity Technologies before? If so, How?
    • No.
  15. Has your project received financial support from any other organizations? If so, which organizations and how much funding?
    • Family, friends, community crowdfunding = $60,000 from 24 December 2017 to 6 December 2022.

Required links

  • Google Doc Slideshow:

Please provide a link to a project sample, trailer, or walk through:

Short Essay Questions: 

Short Essay #1: What’s your vision & motivation for this project?

  • My motivation is indefinite survival despite adversity. Not only is it means for me to become independently self-sufficient despite my health problems, but it’s also means of helping everyone become independently self-sufficient. My experience has taught me self-sufficiency isn’t difficult to teach, the problem plaguing us today is our inability to effectively disseminate that knowledge to everyone. Fortunately we can relatively easily put a decent smart phone in everyones hands with a “video game” teaching them self-sufficiency.

    There’s a lot of steps between now & then, but my vision for humanity’s future is all of us living in autonomous self-sufficient self-replicating homes completely free from all obligations. With 3D printers & everyone being able to assemble their own electronics, furniture, clothing, toys, tools, etc. we turn every single home into a tiny factory. For those who want to do something more than entertain themselves they can print & assemble things to build more self-sufficient self-replicating homes. The possibilities are endless.

    Today’s technology makes true freedom more easily obtainable than ever before in humanity’s history, we simply need to pursue it.

Short Essay #2: How does your project inspire positive change & social impact? How will you measure this impact?

  • This project inspires change by making the resources facilitating independent self-sufficiency as easily accessible as mobile games. Making an impact is as easy as following social media accounts, recommending people check out a website, sharing a post, investing $1/month, learning a new skill, developing a video game, voluntarily contributing to Project Universe in any way we can, learning to assemble a self-sufficient “Lego-home,” etc. Showing people a better world is this easy inspires them to do something. Not 100% of humanity is required to end poverty, not even 10% is necessary, just enough to get the ball rolling. Eventually it becomes a self-sustaining way of life founded on compassion. We measure the physical impact with every additional self-sufficient self-replicating home built. Each new home means the infinitely expandable support network grows. We measure the digital impact with the games release & every new season after that. When you Google Shaostoul every single entry is related to me some how; as Project Universe grows so to does the amount of content mentioning me. Every new post, video, picture, thread, everything that mentions me is another metric point proving progress.

Short Essay #3: How could support from Unity for Humanity grant programs amplify your ability to make a difference or achieve your production and impact goals?

  • Bare minimum I need better internet. Currently I live at home with my parents in the woods where we do not possess sufficiently fast & stable enough internet for me to livestream or on many occasions just browse the internet. One of the best ways of marketing & funding Project Universe is by me livestreaming everything I can (3D modeling, game dev, gameplay, etc.) Every industry benefits significantly from streaming considering the low entry cost of doing so. I already possess all the computer hardware necessary to stream, except for the internet connection. I presently have 2 options available for acquiring a sufficiently capable internet connection. First is spending ~$60,000 to get fiber optic internet installed down my parents ~1,100 foot dirt driveway via Kitsap Public Utility District. Second is moving to a house with a fiber optic connection already installed requiring from ~$2,000-$4,000/month; ideally close to Silverdale, WA so I can still easily hangout with my family.

    Streaming is an activity I can do without causing much harm to myself & frees my time up to focus on development instead of editing videos. I want to hire Patrick McGuinness full-time so he can focus on game development. Me streaming & the game are recurring revenue sources. For every $2,000-$10,000/month we can hire additional developers.

    I don’t expect the building of the houses to happen before the game is released unless we receive sufficient investor funding to do so.

Unity Tech Questions:

  1. What Unity license are you using for this project?
    • Personal
  2.  If you used a real-time 3D game engine other than Unity, what did you use?
    • Godot, Unreal, CryEngine/Lumberyard
  3. What version of Unity are you working on for this project?
    • 2020.3.34f1
  4. What hardware is necessary for audiences to view your experience?
    • Ideal minimum computer specs no higher than = 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps with an i7 8700k @4.5GHz + RTX 2080 Super + 32GB RAM. Cellphone wise I have an OnePlus 9 Pro for testing.

Terms and Policies

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√ – I understand that by checking this box, I agree to have Marketing Activities directed to me by and receive marketing and promotional information from Unity, including via email and social media. (Optional)

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