Realistic HDR science fiction image of an insect inspired incredibly large colony spacecraft within a dark purple nebula


Born 1988 January 29 in Tampa, Florida. First introduced to video games in 1992. Began learning how to develop/modify games in 1994. Began teaching game development/modification globally in 2006 after graduating high-school. Dedicated life to humanity's betterment in 2017 after a near death experience. My community is developing an extended reality (XR) video game build in Unity3D designed to permanently end poverty. The game helps/teaches everyone everything everywhere on/off Earth. Primarily focused on assisting/teaching everyone how to homestead. The game is meant to automate many processes of homesteading; such as farming. Through the video game users have free easy access to the schematics for building homesteads; this includes providing 3D models for 3D printing every conceivable part of a homestead & more!

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