I’m sincerely sorry to those of you I’ve hurt, I never intentionally want to harm any of you (unless we’re opponents in a video game.) Y’all are unconditionally loved family members I only wish to help live long enjoyable lives.

There’s a good chance I didn’t hear you, misinterpreted the situation, was experiencing malnutrition/dehydration, pain/suffering from intestinal bleeding caused by Crohn’s disease was negatively affecting my ability to think rationally, might’ve been heavily medicated and/or intoxicated recreationally, and/or infinite other reasons. Harming you harms me, I don’t want more issues, I’m certain you don’t either.

I’m doing my best to better myself, which is taking more time than desired, akin wearing dental braces or preparing for a marathon.

Seriously, if I’ve hurt you in some way, please, contact me, let me know what I’ve done so I can try to make it right. I can only affect that which I know exists.

I’m sorry if it takes me a while to actually understand what I did, figure out how to fix it, and put the solution into effect. Thank you for your patience and understanding; I’m grateful to share existence with you!