Michael Patrick Boisson was born on January 29th, 1988. He began playing video games in 1992, modding them in 1994, and from there his love for them only grew. Due to various events through-out his childhood he often found himself playing video games as a form of escapism from the troubles of life beginning with the Nintendo Entertainment System and then moving on to his first computer an Amiga 500. This is where he first picked up modding video games with titles such as BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk’s Inception and Elite: Frontier 2. Since then he’s modded the games Freelancer, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, Diablo 2, Dwarf Fortress, Space Engineers, Fallout 4, The Elders Scrolls 3: Morrowind, and more.

Starting in early 2014 he began modding Space Engineers before it had support for mods on the Steam Workshop. It was a grueling process figuring out how to mod without much help from the developers or his fellow modders. After a few months support for mods on the workshop came and the modding community for Space Engineers grew significantly. Many people were seeking assistance getting into modding and he took it upon himself to educate others how to mod and helping them with any problems they ran into. In the beginning he was easily spending 12+ hours a day 7 days a week helping people and creating his own content.

Mid 2016 he started dealing with Crohn’s Disease, despite it rendering all of his work history near useless and incapable of working or doing much of anything he has persevered. He’s continually improving his health to allow him to put all the time and energy he can into Project Universe. Fortunately for him he’s been involved with video games for a very long time and has been building a community for years! On January 29th, 2019 he officially announced to his community he had been building from his years of modding that he was going to stop modding and begin developing his own video game called Project Universe. Many people have already joined in on development since then and more are frequently joining the community.


Project Universe began planning and research in 2011. Significant advancements to the plan were made during the first few years of dealing with Crohn’s disease thanks to the abundance of time it had bestowed upon Shaostoul. Development was announced January 29th, 2019 on his 31st birthday and the release date is January 29th, 2024 on his 35th birthday. The acquisition of as many followers, developers, and business partners is his primary focus as they are pivotal the success of the project.

Multiple methods of funding the project are being pursued. The primary permanent method of significant recurring income for the development of the project is via our virtual mall aboard the colony spaceship fleet. This mall is filled with all of our business partners that are providing us with affiliate links. These links are then attached to in-game kiosks/store fronts allowing users to purchase goods from any of our affiliates and have them shipped to their house in real-life. When a user makes a purchase via an affiliate store we receive a commission of the sale.  As we gain more affiliates and users the potential income grows significantly and is going to exceed any estimates made. You will begin to see the amount once the mall goes live and people can begin making purchases.

The secondary method of funding is via sponsors. This is the most ideal situation as it means we don’t necessarily have to pay anything back. The perk here is it is the potential quickest and safest method for significant funding. Finding businesses to sponsor the project is an immediate goal. Ideally when we receive any sponsorships they take place before the mall goes live or else they’re potentially pointless sponsorships as we’ll have funding taken care of with the mall.

The tertiary method of funding is via investors. The least ideal situation as it means we have to negotiate terms of the investment and what they want in return. While not significantly problematic it can prove to be potentially detrimental to development and other project aspects.

The final method of funding is via crowdfunding through Patreon. This the quickest and easiest method of funding pre-mall. Donors only need to subscribe for a single dollar. The more followers we get, the more donations we get, the more we can do. With an audience exceeding 7 billion it makes sense to provide a method of crowdfunding to users that wish to receive cool exclusive in-game benefits (They are not pay-to-win benefits, more details later.)

Lastly the most important aspect of this whole projects, excluding the development of the game, is gaining more followers. With more followers we appeal to more businesses leading to more business partners, affiliates, investors, and sponsors. This is the best method for all our followers to aid in development, by getting as many as people as possible to follow the project!

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns do not hesitate to contact Shaostoul. If you’re a player/user the best method is to join our Discord. If you’re a business, send an email to shaostoul@shaostoul.com and he will reply as soon as possible.