Born on 29 January 1988

Played first video game in 1992

Started learning how to mod in 1994

Started teaching others how to mod in 2006

Started playing, modding & teaching how to mod Space Engineers in 2014

Fighting for Life

Afflicted with Crohn’s disease in 2016, been bedridden since

Forced to find a way to live a life worth being proud of

Admitted to the hospital the week prior to Christmas 2017 for sepsis

Returned home on Christmas Eve with a new perspective & love for life

Formed a crazy idea how to help himself & humanity simultaneously


Invited to speak at Emerald City Comic Con in March 2018 with a few others about

the benefits of video game modding on individuals, communities & developers

 The room was packed with people of every age and background

Provided proof that what he does helps people grow through learning, fun & video games

From that day forward he puts all of his time & energy into Project Universe

E Pluribus Unum

Project Universe’s open development is announced on 29 January 2019

All of humanity is invited to participate regardless of skill, age or location


First year was exceptionally educational

Community grew significantly

Received first sponsor in October

Shaostoul Social Purpose Corporation founded in December

Explored new & existing ideas for inspiration


As of 3 July

New volunteers sharing workload is accelerating development

Superstructure of the virtual mall completed in June

Currently creating 3D models to decorate it

Developing farming, crafting & mining gameplay