NAME: Michael Patrick Boisson

BORN: 1988 January 29th


  • 1992, Began playing console games on the Nintendo Entertainment System with Mario/Duck Hunt.
  • 1994, Began playing/modding PC games on the Amiga 500 with BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk’s Inception and Elite: Frontier 2.
  • 2006, Began teaching others how to mod games with Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.
  • 2011, Began researching and planning Project Universe.
  • 2014, Began playing/modding/teaching others to mod Space Engineers, you can see my SE mods on the steam workshop.
  • 2016 May, Crohn’s disease begins it’s debilitating effects rendering me incapable of acquiring employment.
  • 2017 first half, Spent bed ridden trying to get Crohn’s under control and applied for disability.
  • 2017 second half, Spent recovering and work on Project Universe resumes.
  • 2018 March 3rd, Invited to Emerald City Comic Con to speak about the benefits of modding for individuals, communities, and game developers.
  • 2018 late, denied disability, focus all of my time and energy on Project Universe.
  • 2019 January 29th, Project Universe development begins, everyone is invited to participate, several people join immediately.
  • 2019 April 4th, we switch from Lumberyard to Unity.
  • 2019 April 25th, VistaPrint becomes our first business partner introducing me to CJ.com leading to the bulk of our current business partners and affiliate links.
  • 2019 October, we receive our first sponsor from Charlie Driscoll for $30,000.


  • Video games have been a part of my life longer than most people I know have been alive.
    • They have shaped me into the person I am today, eccentric filled with unconditional love for humanity.
    • They gave me hope for the future when I thought my life was over.
    • They introduced me to people across the world teaching me that everyone is the same despite our differences, everyone wants to live a happy and healthy life.
  • I’ve learned how powerful of a tool video games can be.
    • My younger brother learned to read/type while playing Diablo 2, he had to in order to interact with the other players as no one was going to do it for him.
    • Several individuals learned about the joys of game development/modding from me, then went to college for a game development degree, and after graduating they contacted me to thank me for helping them find a fun life-long career. This proved to me that I’m truly helping people.


  • With the introduction of Crohn’s and it’s debilitating effects rendered much of my previous experience near useless.
  • I had no idea what I was going to do for the rest of my life from mid-2016 to the end of 2017. I had been in the hospital several times and my research into the disease gave me little hope.
  • When I was invited to ECCC in March 2018 everything changed, I spoke with people of every demographic about modding teaching me that it doesn’t matter who or what you are video games are an amazingly powerful tool for good. This event gave me hope for my future and inspired me to finish planning Project Universe.


  • I come from a background of gaming, modding, and teaching, I’ve learned through the years exactly how valuable community involvement is.
    • Everyone is able to report bugs.
    • Everyone is able to suggest ideas.
    • Everyone is able to create mods from simple stat changes to complete overhauls.
  • A developer that listens to their community’s input creates a better product, I’ve seen it first hand more times than I can remember.


In order for me to take care of my health properly I have to fix problems that affect my ability to take care of myself (such as fixing the horrible the state of the US’s healthcare system). Additionally technology is completely changing the way we live bringing us ever closer to our next evolution as a civilization which society has painted as our doomsday. There are various theories floating around for what “it” is, but the result is the same, humanity dies. I certainly don’t want that to happen.

A few doomsday theories are:

  • AI becomes sentient and decides to kill us all.
    • Terminator is a real possibility for all kinds of different reasons. My money is on the programmer forgetting a semi-colon or putting a one where a zero should be.
    • It is in the best interests of humans and AI to work together as we’re stronger together as we each have our own pros and cons.

  • We do not address the damage we’re causing to our environment eventually killing ourselves.
    • There are many different ways we’re damaging the environment; trash in the ocean, chemicals in the atmosphere, and over farming killing the land to name a few.
    • There are groups fighting to heal our environment such as TeamTrees and One Ocean.
  • We never learn to live together despite our differences eventually leading to Mutually Assured Destruction.
    • Do judge a person by their truthfulness, honesty, respect, ability to collaborate, and their desire to help others.
    • Don’t judge a person by their skin color, political beliefs, religion, age group, gaming device preference, etc.

While coexisting seems impossible with all of the fighting going on across the globe I believe it is a lot easier than it appears. There are several ways Project Universe and other video games help:

  • Trash-talking is guaranteed to happen, put enough people in a group, give them something competitive to do and they’ll begin trash-talking one another.
    • Trash-talking is beneficial, it builds character, you have to learn how to be good at it, it forces you to think on the fly, is beneficial for learning improv, and makes it easier to handle difficult situations.
    • Trash-talking is not meant to be malicious, it is used to throw off your opponent, especially for those people that can’t trash-talk and play at the same time, which benefits those that can do both. Voice chat makes it easier since you don’t have to type, but it’s similar to driving and talking on the phone, you’ll make more mistakes talking than if you were focusing on what you’re doing.
    • Trash-talking in Team Fortress 2 and other older games is phenomenal and even encouraged. The game is better for it, players are learning valuable life lessons while having fun.
    • Trash-talking in many current gen games is a bannable offense which is dumb as hell. People exploit the automated features to get people banned.
    • Stop letting words hurt your feelings, most of you are adults, start acting like it. People are allowed to talk how they want to talk, it’s part of freedom. If it hurts your feelings and you’re online you can simply mute them. If it hurts your feelings and you’re in person, walk away. Some people like trolling other people, they particularly enjoy harassing people that they get the most response from. In many cases they’ll leave you alone if you stop over-reacting to their efforts to fuck with you.
  • Teams, groups, guilds, clans, etc. teach people how to cooperate with others, building their team skills, and teaching people how to become better leaders. This is a valuable life lesson everyone needs to learn in order to be a functional member of society. With video games it is incredibly easy to meet a lot of people and make high-quality life-long friendships, which typically features a whole hell of a lot of trash-talk, it’s a lot of fun and builds camaraderie.

  • Games teach problem solving skills, many games force players to solve puzzles in order to progress whether it’s a single or multi-player game. You can learn simple problem solving skills like stacking blocks in Tetris or putting a house together in Minecraft that protects you from monsters and the elements. You have to think about what you’re doing, but if you take too long to take action you lose. You can’t always give up when something is difficult, there’s a lot you miss when you give up easily.
  • Games teach people to see people for who they are. It doesn’t matter what color your skin, religion, or gender is when your fighting aliens and monsters.

There’s another problem which desperately needs attention and that’s the automation of every industry with AI and robotics. We’re beginning to see restaurants, semi-trucks, package delivery, taxi drivers, and many other jobs being automated which effectively takes those jobs away. This is incredibly dangerous if we do not prepare for it in time, it can lead to civil war and we really want to avoid that. Project Universe is specifically designed to combat this issue by providing everything necessary through our partnerships and the efforts of our community.

If you want to see a good example of not properly preparing society for this problem all you have to do is read/watch Ready Player One. Pay attention to how things are outside of the game and you’ll see how dystopian things can become.

We have to change and we have to do it soon, we’re seeing the effects of it already with the massive amounts of homeless people throughout the US. Often people tell me that Project Universe is too crazy, but we need crazy ideas to solve crazy problems. Through Project Universe we’ll lead by example and welcome everyone with open arms. When Project Universe becomes fully functional we’ll have a working and refined example, we then pitch this idea to other countries, and upon them accepting it we can begin immediate large scale operations to provide for those countries.


Project Universe is much more than just a video game, it is a solution to many of the problems humanity faces. While dealing with Crohn’s disease I spent a lot of time reading world news, talking with my online friends in other countries, and generally learned about life on Earth.

Stage Zero – everything before 2019 January 29

  • This when I first started researching and planning Project Universe. I was learning 3D modeling, what’s involved in the creation of a video game, what’s involved with creating an enjoyable experience, and generally everything else I could find about games from the idea stage to release, maintaining, updating, and releasing new content.

Stage One – 2019 January 29 to present

  • This first stage is the creation of the MMO and provides the foundation for everything else.
    • Creating the various game elements;
      • The virtual mall featuring all our business partners is also the player lobby.
      • Players have their own home where they can decorate and use it how they choose.
      • Players run farms to provide food for the crew.
      • Players gather resources from asteroids to craft equipment.
      • Players embark on exploratory and/or combat oriented missions for gathering salvage and new technology.
      • While waiting on crafting times or putting a group together for a mission players can play our partnered game developer games.
        • In some cases players will be able to unlock special equipment for use in Project Universe based off of the game they play. IE: If they play and beat Dead Space they could unlock the plasma cutter and other weapons/equipment.
    • Gathering a large social media following is important for several reasons such as:
      • Reaching more potential crowdfunding supporters.
      • Reaching more potential volunteer developers.
      • Reaching more potential business partners.
      • Reaching more potential investors/sponsors.
    • Gathering as many business partners as possible to fill the virtual mall with provides more potential affiliate commission based funding.
      • The more people using the mall and the more businesses in the mall leads to significantly increasing income potential.
    • Creating the website, Trello, GitHub, and other online resources is integral to getting and keeping everyone on the same page. With everything being easily accessible and public it makes it a lot easier for new people to figure out where we are in development and how they can contribute.
    • Creating the server infrastructure that is able to handle billions of concurrent users. Ultimately our goal is to make the servers as robust as possible and to be able to put as many people in a single instance as possible.
      • If a server goes down we don’t want it bringing down the whole game, so instead of having a single server we’re splitting as many services as possible onto different dedicated servers. Player location, the market, different game modes, and everything else we can put on different servers is being done. If the market goes down it shouldn’t take out the whole game. This allows us to service various aspects of the game without interrupting gameplay, during their maintenance all we have to do is deny access to what that server was used for, service it as quickly as we can, then relaunch it. For more vital systems there’ll be redundant servers to ensure if a building housing the west coast servers burns down we have a building which is immediately switch to limiting down time. Natural disasters happen, we should prepare for them, even if they’re incredibly rare.
      • A perk of this network design is it lessens the load to a single server. A server dedicated entirely to a single function will be more responsive and allowing its bandwidth to go further. There’s a lot of amazing potential for this network which will only be knowable until it is being used and put through its paces.
    • The only appropriate example for what we’re creating is the world wide web.

Stage Two – 2024 January 29 and on

  • Addressing global education:
    • Education is incredibly important to solving many of humanity’s shortcomings. Knowledge is the downfall of ignorance.
    • Education allows people to help themselves, simply providing the information and tools necessary for people to fix their own problems is enough in most cases.
    • Making it globally accessible and free-to-use ensures that everyone regardless of where they live to have access to life saving knowledge.
  • Addressing the housing crisis:
    • By providing for people with Project Universe we can easily provide high-quality housing.
    • Instead of typical housing we’ll be creating apartment-like complexes with homes around 2,000 square feet which is quite comfortable for a family of 5.
      • Taking inspiration from existing establishments the complexes have the first few floors dedicated to business and recreation.
      • Above these levels are the homes, where we create them with the latest technology to ensure everyone is comfortable in their own home.
        • Sound deadening techniques and technology will be used a whole lot.
      • Integrated hospitals allow people to be taken care of immediately and efficiently.
        • We’re creating AI to be doctors, initial tests show that they’re nearly on par with seasoned medical professionals.
        • If we combine human doctors with AI doctors we’ll easily be able to care for everyone.
  • Addressing the food crisis:
    • While dealing with the housing crisis with those complexes we’re also able to optimize feeding everyone.
    • We’re already working on solutions to problems with various crops.
  • Addressing the carbon footprint crisis:
    • Combined with previous solutions this solves itself, for example the complexes are easier to regulate and maintain.
    • By people no longer having jobs they have to commute for due to automation and transitioning to electric taxi vehicles we significantly lessen the effect of traffic, potentially eliminating it entirely.
    • The complexes will also be entirely green installations relying on renewable power sources such as solar, wind, and tidal generators.

Stage Three – Within the next 20 years

  • Becoming a space-faring civilization is our next step, which could happen while we’re transitioning thanks to people like Elon Musk.
  • By acquiring materials from asteroids it can completely destabilize our economy in its current state, but with the Project Universe transition it’ll be a non-issue.


CLOSING STATEMENT: I’m doing this out of necessity for myself, I can’t sit idly by doing nothing allowing Crohn’s disease to consume my life. I believe in humanity and what we can accomplish together, I’m ecstatic to see communities work together to solve global problems, clean up areas we’ve decimated, pooling our resources together to save environments, and generally being swell. This project is my life’s work, I spend every day doing everything I can think of to further its progress. Thanks to the wonderful community surrounding it, the progress we make, the continued growth of the community, gathering of more business partners, and generally raising awareness we’re on track and success is inevitable.

My fight for humanity starts here, thousands have already joined, when will you? Show your support by using #ProjectUniverse #TheFightForHumanity and give @Shaostoul a tag so I can watch it grow. Thank you all, love yourselves, take care of one another, and never settle for annihilation. I’ll see you in the future.

TL;DR: Eccentric entrepreneurial uber nerd sets out to save humanity and is making progress! Thousands have joined him, businesses take a chance on love, and progress is made every day. Let’s join forces to create a better future for all of us. Use #ProjectUniverse #TheFightForHumanity and tag @Shaostoul so I can see it grow. Love you all!